Say goodbye to burns for less than $5.
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skillet holder

Here at EatingWell, we love our cast-iron skillets. From cobblers to carrots, they are some of the most well-loved pans in our kitchens. They're easy to clean (especially if you have a pan scraper) and heat any food evenly. Whether it's in place of your grill or as a griddle, they are perfect for a variety of techniques. Since they are made of all one material, their handles can get really hot and, well, hard to handle. Not anymore with this affordable silicone holder by Lodge. 

Lodge Silicone Hot Cast Iron Skillet Handle Holder
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This holder fits any standard skillet handle and is made of silicone so it doesn't burn in the oven or on the stove (not to worry if you've heard horror stories of cloth handles catching on fire). It also easily slides on and off and protects your hands from heat up to 450°F. Beyond giving you an impressive grip to piping hot pans, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher and stores easily. Oh, and the red color is only $3.49 right now, which is 75% off the normal price! 

Since I got one of these, I will never use my cast-iron pans without it. It feels safer and more secure than trying to use a hot pad over the handle, which was my preferred method before. I love that I can switch one from pan to pan and easily throw it in the drawer or dishwasher when I am done. Say goodbye to burns on your hands once and for all with this $3 tool!