Cheers to these affordable Aldi sips.

From the well-curated selection to the bargain-priced plants to their huge supply of healthy-ish products, we actually look forward to our shopping trips at Aldi. Admittedly, there are five things we recommend never buying at Aldi, but wine certainly isn't one of them. In fact, there are some really delicious and affordable wines at Aldi.

Aldi cuts out the middle person, working directly with winemakers who own their acres outright—keeping costs low even on surprisingly high-quality wines. An Aldi representative revealed to us that 9 out of 10 bottles they have on their shelves are less than $10.

That affordable shelf is right where you'll find one of Jon McDaniel's favorite white wines. McDaniel is a sommelier and the founder of Second City Soil in Chicago and was named one of Food & Wine's 2018 Sommeliers of the Year.

The 2020 Sunshine Bay sauvignon blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, is available now for just $7.99*.

"I couldn't tell you the last time I had a wine under $8 that I enjoyed, but that all changed with this sauvignon blanc," McDaniel admits. "This is probably the best wine that Aldi has in the store! New Zealand is one of my favorite places in the world to visit, and Marlborough always produces delicious wines of great value. This is a very bright, crisp wine that's like drinking adult lemonade with a dry finish. It's so tasty and dangerously drinkable, you may need to pick up a few bottles."

While you're stocking up on a bottle (or a case) of that easy-pairing white wine, grab these Aldi fan favorites, too.

*Note: Prices may vary based on your local market.

Best Wines at Aldi under $15

Belletti Prosecco Extra Dry

Price: $6.99

Bubbles practically shout "celebration!" But you need not shell out $50 for a bottle of Champagne. This Italian sparkler is made with glera grapes and offers a nice blend of acidity and a hint of sweetness. At just 11% alcohol, this honeysuckle and citrus-flavored wine is delightful on its own or mixed into mimosa recipes or other sparkling wine cocktails.

2017 30 Miles Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $15

Although the Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel-Aged cabernet sauvignon was voted the best Aldi wine of 2020, we prefer to invest an extra $5 per bottle for this still-affordable sip. It gets its name from the 30-by-5-mile plot where the grapes are grown in Napa, and although it clocks in at 14.35% alcohol, it's a bit less overpowering than the bourbon-barrel cab. Full-bodied and rich with blackberry and plum flavors, the oak aging also lends vanilla and cocoa notes.

2018 La Rue Côtes de Provence Rosé

Price: $8.99

Provence rosés like this Aldi exclusive are known to be über-refreshing and surprisingly affordable, especially when they fall under the 13% alcohol range. (This one is a light and lovely 12%.) Smooth and perfect for spring and summer, this rosé is a mix of grapes like syrah, grenache and mourvèdre, aged part-time with the skins on for the pink hue. It tastes like a fruit basket of strawberry, watermelon and lime with a nice amount of minerality. In other words, we're already drinking it and dreaming of warmer and sunnier days ahead.

2018 Zum Riesling

Price: $7.99

This is not your usual supermarket super-sweet riesling. Made with 100% riesling grapes grown in Mosel, Germany (quite possibly the most notable riesling region in the world), this 10.5%-alcohol white wine is ideal for pairing with spicy takeout food, seafood and a wide range of appetizers. It's available at non-Aldi locations, too, but often for more like $12, so Aldi is the place to get your Zum fix. With just enough sweetness to counter the citrus and pineapple notes, this wine also offers minerality and acidity—making it one of the best food-pairing wines around.