These Glittery Tea Bombs Burst Into Flavorful, Flowery Drinks—and We Can't Stop Watching

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glittery tea bombs

Remember hot chocolate bombs, the mesmerizing, break-the-internet beverage of late 2020? Just as Dalgona coffee (AKA whipped coffee) inspired spin-offs like whipped strawberry milk, we figured it was only a matter of time that hot cocoa bombs inspired new twists on the trend.

Delightful shapes came first, including Valentine's Day hearts and Olaf from Frozen, and now a lower sugar, antioxidant-infused option is taking over TikTok.

These tea bombs often feature a glittery or vibrantly colored shell, and some also include edible flower petals and loose leaf tea. All of this delivers a lovely hint of spring, and is a beautiful way to tiptoe the trend into the warmer, sunnier days ahead.

To replace the crunchy chocolate shell on the typical hot cocoa bomb, the exterior of tea bombs are usually a thin, translucent sugar sphere that allows for a peek at the goodies inside while subtly sweetening the tea. Inside, you'll find either tea flowers, loose tea leaves or a tea bag, and occasionally spices or dried citrus to add even more flavor.

If you, too, are inspired to perk up tea time with one of these showy bombs, creative TikTok-ers have posted how-to demonstrations. ('ll need a mold like this 6-Cavity Baking Mold; $10.99, Or you can outsource the construction to one of these ace Etsy shops.

Where to Buy Tea Bombs Online

Best Tea Bomb for Flavor Variety

TeaTreatsAndGifts on Etsy doesn't just limit you to one color or flavor. Select from 8 bomb shades and 20 tea flavors. Dibs on lemon-ginseng, wild cherry and orange-spice!

4-Pack of Tea Bombs

tea bombs

Best Tea Bomb for Global Flavors

Kashmiri tea, or noon chai, is tradition in the Kashmir Valley as a ritual to prevent heartburn and ease bloating. No plane ticket is required to try it yourself: NYCHalalKitchen's Etsy store has the same flavors packed inside these edible rose petal-coated tea bombs.

Halal Kashmiri Tea Bombs (Pack of 3+ Tea Bombs)

tea bombs

Best Tea Bomb for Galaxy Vibes

Reminiscent of those popular mirror glaze galaxy cakes,RCSDESIGNSUS' Etsy shop offers shimmery shells in eight far-out color options. Tucked inside, you can choose to customize your tea bombs with cherry blossoms or butterfly pea blue tea leaves.

Hot Tea Bomb

galaxy tea bomb
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