This $10 Tool Will Change the Way You Clean Your Cast-Iron Skillet

It’s perfect for the nooks and crannies of any cast-iron pot or pan.

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cast iron skillet
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Cast-iron pans and pots are some of the best-quality, longest-lasting cookware money can buy. But in order to keep them in peak condition, you need to know how to clean and take care of them. Lucky for us, there is one affordable tool that makes cleaning off even the most caked-on foods a breeze. Enter the Lodge Pan Scraper for all of your cast-iron cleaning needs. I use it every time I bust out my cast-iron pan, and it has quickly become my go-to cleaning tool.

Lodge Pan Scrapers

pan scrapers

These scrapers come in a pack of two that costs $11, and are made from durable polycarbonate (so they'll last as long as your pan). They're small and much easier to store than chain-link scrubbers, which are commonly used for cast-iron pans. Plus their curved edge allows them to scrape the corners and sides of any pot or pan to keep it clean and ready for its next use. Just make sure you let the pan cool down before you use them. As an added bonus, the scrapers are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Make cleaning your prized cast-iron pans a breeze with the Lodge Pan Scraper. This all-in-one tool won't scratch your pan and will make it easy to clean any pan or pot. Once you try it for yourself, you'll be obsessed like me (and the 15,000 positive reviewers on Amazon).

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