The Tiktok Tortilla Trend Is Back—and This Time It's With Nori

Sushi lovers, rejoice!

Photo: Getty Images/supermimicry

At this point, it's pretty safe to say that the TikTok tortilla hack has taken over the internet. If by some stroke of magic you haven't seen it (or if you have healthier boundaries with social media than me), it basically consists of cutting halfway through a tortilla and folding it over in quarters with four toppings of your choice. It is shockingly easy, notably delicious and can easily be enjoyed with one hand. No wonder it has gotten so popular!

But that's not all, folks. This folded sandwich hack is back with a new spin: using nori instead of a tortilla to make DIY sushi way easier. Even though a sheet or nori is square and not round, it works using basically the same steps. Plus, it is way more simple and less messy than trying to roll sushi at home. Here is the full video of the hack on Tiktok.

All you need is a large sheet of nori, rice, your favorite sauce and two other toppings of your liking. To round it out and give it some staying power, we recommend including a protein like tofu, chicken or egg and some vegetables like avocado, greens, cucumber or carrots. Cut halfway through the nori sheet to the center, add your toppings into quadrants, fold and enjoy. This is even easier than the tortilla version because there is no cooking required. Spice it up with seasonings like furikake, as shown in the video.

The Tiktok tortilla trend has taken on many different shapes, flavors and forms, but this is one we can definitely get behind. Copy your favorite sushi roll ingredients for inspiration. It can also be made vegan or vegetarian very easily. Try sushi at home made easy with this Tiktok folded nori hack.

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