10 Easy House Plants That Thrive in the Winter

These hardy plants will help green up your space even in the lower light, colder months.

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Being a plant lady has given me always given me a lot of joy, but it's been especially nice having plants around when I'm spending more time at home. Having something to care for and keep up with has been productive, reassuring and stabilizing during times when it can feel hard to catch a break. Plus, it is a good place to channel my energy that isn't as involved as a "real" pet. (But then again, who says plants aren't real pets?)

Living in Vermont, winters are long and days are short, making it tough to keep plants alive. Luckily, there are several plants that thrive in lower light and can withstand lower temps if you have a poorly insulated apartment or home, like me.

Here are ten easy houseplants that thrive in the winter months to help you green up your place all year long.

1. Snake Plant

I love my snake plant. Not only does it have a cool look and grows impressively tall, but it is nearly indestructible. Forget to water it or going away for a few weeks? Snake plants are totally fine with low-light and infrequent waterings. In fact, overwatering is pretty much the only thing that makes these guys unhappy. Check the soil and make sure it is dry to the touch before giving it a drink.

Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Snake Sansevieria Floor Plant

snake plant

2. Spider Plant

My spider plant might be the most rewarding plant I've had for how easy and resilient it is. Keep it alive for long enough, and it will sprout little spider plant babies that can be cut, planted and given to a friend. How sweet is that? They are happy in moderate light and with slightly damp soil, so weekly watering should be sufficient. In the winter, feel free to go a little longer between waterings since it dries up more slowly in colder temps.

Ocean Spider Plant

spider plant

3. Philodendron

My philodendron is my biggest plant by a long shot. They come in many shapes and sizes, some that trail and some that grow as big as you let them, like monsteras. They don't need much attention and can tolerate shady environments with indirect light. Place them in a pot that drains well, water every few weeks when the soil feels dry and watch it grow.

American Plant Exchange Split Leaf Philodendron Monstera


4. ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant, also called the arum fern, is deep green, shiny and generally eye-catching, all while being super easy to care for. It thrives in pretty much every environment: cold and damp, warm and dry, fully sunny or completely shaded. It grows naturally slowly so you won't need to repot it often, either.

American Plant Exchange ZZ Zanzibar Gem Live Plant

zz plant

5. Jade Plant

My jade plant grows pretty much as fast as I can repot it. It prefers moderate to low-light environments, and can get sunburnt if exposed to too much sun too suddenly, making it perfect to add to your collection in the winter. Only water it when the soil feels totally dry, as the leaves retain water. If any leaves fall off, you can simply lay them in the dirt and they will take root.

Sunset Jade Plant


6. Chinese Evergreen

One of the prettier plants on this list, Chinese evergreens can come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. For a tropical plant, it is impressively hardy to cold and dry environments. Make sure to pot in something that drains well, as this plant doesn't tolerate overwatering well. Wipe off the leaves regularly to help prevent bugs, like spider mites or aphids, from latching on.

American Plant Exchange Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreen

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Similar to philodendrons, fiddle leaf figs will grow as big as you let them with minimal intervention. It has gotten popular enough that they even carry it at some Costcos! It can even purify the air and help absorb nasty odors in your home. It should be watered every two weeks or as little as every month, depending on how dry your home is.

Hirt's Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

fiddleleaf fig

8. Aloe Plant

If you have a dry home and are prone to forgetting to water your plants, aloe is the choice for you. It holds water in its thick leaves so it can go long stretches between waterings. It prefers to be near a source of light, so try and keep it close to a window or sunny spot, even if its only for a few hours a day.

Costa Farms Aloe Vera


9. Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactuses are frequently given as gifts during the holiday season. Part of it is because of the beautiful ruby red flowers it grows when it is in the sun. Another reason is that they thrive when they are a bit neglected. Though they flower in the sun, they can withstand full shade and dry rooms. Be sure to only water when the soil is completely dry, since it cannot tolerate frequent waterings.

Christmas Cactus


10. Succulents

Succulents are some of the most fun and versatile plants around. You can mix and match colors, sizes and shapes with this variety pack from Amazon for only $18.99. Keep these plants in a dry room on the windowsill. In the colder months, succulents don't need much water at all. Just feel the soil every month or so to check. As the weather warms, continue with more regular waterings and watch your plant grow after its long winter slumber.

Succulent Plants (5 Pack), Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil

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