We want to try this take on hot chocolate bombs ASAP.
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Dominique Ansel Blossoming Hot Chocolate
Credit: Instagram / @dominiqueansel

If there's one thing from last year that we're bringing into 2021, it's hot chocolate bombs. When we first discovered them, we could never have predicted just how popular the delicious treat would become. From Olaf-shaped versions to ones perfect for Valentine's Day, the hot cocoa bomb trend is clearly here to stay. And now, we've discovered our new favorite version of the trend—with a slight twist.

Created in 2016 by Dominique Ansel (aka the baker behind the famous croissant-donut hybrid), these blooming marshmallow flowers are a fun take on hot chocolate bombs. Instead of a spherical bomb containing hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows, Dominique Ansel's Blossoming Hot Chocolate features the marshmallow as the star of the drink.

The flower-shaped marshmallow sits in a cup of white chocolate, which helps the petals stay closed. When it's placed on top of the hot chocolate, the heat of the drink melts the chocolate and causes the flower to unfurl. Then, the open flower reveals a chocolate bonbon surprise in the center. This visually stunning treat is a fun way to bring a little bit of spring into a classic winter drink (Plus, I can't stop watching the mesmerizing video above). 

If you live in the New York City area, you can try the Blossoming Hot Chocolate for yourself at the bakery's Soho location. Or you could make a DIY version with our Vanilla Marshmallows and use a cookie cutter to get the flower shape (These 2-inch cookie cutters would fit nicely in any mug, buy them: Amazon, $6). Although your homemade version won't unfurl, they'll still create a gorgeous, warming drink—and that sounds perfect to us!