We've relaunched our Diabetes Diet Center to help you manage your diabetes deliciously every day.
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We're so excited to launch LivingWell with Diabetes, an improved, expanded section of EatingWell.com dedicated to diabetes-focused recipes, healthy eating and lifestyle content. You won't find a lot of medical jargon here, or confusing information, just a one-stop shop to help you manage your diabetes deliciously every day. 

It's nutrition content you can trust, backed by research and reviewed by nutrition experts. We filter through the science to present it to you in a way that's accessible and easy to understand. Our meal plans are designed and reviewed by registered dietitians and food experts. All of the recipes, articles, videos and meal plans are easy to follow and provide inspiration and simple expert advice to help anyone living with diabetes (or caring for a person with diabetes) to make better, more delicious choices every day. 

In the coming months, we'll be publishing new content and videos on a regular basis to help with diabetes prevention and management, healthy eating, meal planning and cooking inspiration, and we'll be reporting on the latest nutrition news and studies. In the meantime, check out this great content:

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EatingWell has been at the forefront of the healthy-eating movement for more than 25 years. Our authoritative, science-based journalism helps our readers make better-informed food choices. Over the years, EatingWell has provided healthy recipes, meal plans and nutrition advice for people with diabetes, including publishing a cookbook, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook

In 2018, EatingWell became the digital home for Diabetic Living, combining the power of both brands to create even more meaningful, science-backed content for living well with diabetes. 

Today, we're changing the name of Diabetic Living to LivingWell with Diabetes with a fresh new logo and look and feel. Also, we are moving away from using the term diabetic and instead using the term person with diabetes. Why?

We've chosen our new name, LivingWell with Diabetes, to highlight our mission and our approach: to empower people with diabetes to live better every day by providing them with information, support and inspiration to make healthier choices.

Our choice to stop using the term diabetic and instead go with what's known as "person-first language" (putting the person before the diagnosis, as in "person with diabetes") is in line with guidance from the American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, the American Psychological Association and the American Medical AssociationResearch on language and health has found that language choices have the ability to affect attitudes, social perceptions, personal identity, bias and stereotyping. Most importantly, research also shows that language can affect health outcomes. Using encouraging, empowering language can help someone feel more motivated and more likely to take control of their health. Ultimately, unbiased, person-first and respectful language can lead to a better experience living with a chronic condition. And there is nothing we want more than to help our readers live well with diabetes.