The Best Holiday Dish for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Which holiday food are you? Look to the stars to find out!

The holiday season is here, which means you get the chance to enjoy your favorite holiday dishes, like sweet potato casserole or perfectly roasted prime rib. While you might not be able to imagine a holiday without your favorite comfort foods, you could always leave room in your belly for a new dish that's perfectly tailored to your zodiac sign. Here's what holiday food to pick based on your zodiac sign, courtesy of astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Best Holiday Dish for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Gingered Cranberry Sauce

gingered cranberry sauce
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"Aries are known for their desirous and hot-headed nature, so ginger and cranberry will add their innate zestiness and spiciness to any holiday meal," Stardust says. Plus, this gingered cranberry sauce would taste amazing on top of other holiday foods like turkey or stuffing.

Get the recipe: Gingered Cranberry Sauce

Taurus: Roast Beef & Blue Cheese Spears

roast beef and blue cheese spheres

Taurus is symbolized by the bull and people under this sign generally love indulgent foods, so rich beef dishes are ideal for them. These beef and pungent blue cheese endive spears are great for a holiday appetizer to nibble on before the main meal. Stardust recommends washing it down with a festive holiday cocktail for the ultimate pre-dinner treat.

Get the recipe: Roast Beef & Blue Cheese Spears

Gemini: Lemon-Dill Green Beans

lemon dill green beans

Green beans are a natural pick to lighten up heavier holiday meals. "Lemon is the essence of Gemini, so all the more reason for them to want to bring citrus to the dinner table in this green bean dish," she says. Add dill for some herbal notes, and it'll be a healthy and flavorful side!

Get the recipe: Lemon Dill Green Beans

Cancer: Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole

Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole

Stardust says, "Cancers are sweet and kind, but, they also can get a little clingy (like the marshmallows to the sweet potatoes)." This is why this side dish is the perfect complement to their personality, and it's a classic that cannot be forgotten at any holiday table!

Get the recipe: Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole

Leo: Perfect Prime Rib

Prime rib
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"As the carnivore or the zodiac (they are the ravenous lions), Leos will enjoy cooking and eating a prime rib for the holidays," she says. Leos love to be the star, and there is no denying that the prime rib is the main event on the table!

Get the recipe: Perfect Prime Rib

Virgo: Herb-Roasted Turkey

Herb-Roasted Turkey

Virgos are known for their simple and no-frills approach to life (and cooking). A classic herb-roasted turkey is a practical and delicious dish for their holiday table. Plus, Virgos are known as the most health-focused sign of the zodiac, so a leaner cut of meat like turkey is their jam.

Get the recipe: Herb-Roasted Turkey

Libra: Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

sugar cut out cookies

Libras are ruled by romantic Venus, so they are all about aesthetically pleasing dishes. Stardust says, "They like to bring and eat sweets at dinner, especially if they're decorated beautifully." These sugar cookies are festive and perfect for any Libra to end the big holiday meal on a happy note.

Get the recipe: Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

Scorpio: Cranberry-Orange Punch

cranberry orange punch

"Known for their sassiness, Scorpios will like a beverage that cools down their passions, especially a drink that has a little bit of a spicy pinch to it," she says. This cranberry and orange punch is sweet and a little tart, just like Scorpio.

Get the recipe: Cranberry-Orange Punch

Sagittarius: Pomegranate, Cranberry & Brie Bruschetta

Pomegranate, Cranberry & Brie Bruschetta

Stardust says, "Pomegranates are the fruit associated with Sagittarius, which is why this is the best holiday appetizer for them to enjoy." Those born under the sign of Sagittarius generally love parties and don't stay in one place for very long, so these portable bruschetta are perfect.

Get the recipe: Pomegranate, Cranberry & Brie Bruschetta

Capricorn: Maple Pecan Tart With Dried Cherries

maple pecan tart

Capricorns generally love traditional holiday foods, so this maple pecan tart is perfect for them. Plus, Stardust says, "Capricorns have a reflective demeanor, so eating a piece of this pie will help them find solace over the holidays."

Get the recipe: Maple Pecan Tart With Dried Cherries

Aquarius: Quinoa Salad With Oranges, Beets & Pomegranates

pomegranate beet quinoa salad

"Aquarians are known for their innovative qualities, so they'll love this unique one-of-a-kind salad that has oranges, beets and pomegranates," she says. Not to mention, this salad is colorful, bright and different—just like Aquarius!

Get the recipe: Quinoa Salad With Oranges, Beets & Pomegranates

Pisces: Butternut Squash Bisque with Almonds & Cilantro

Butternut Squash Bisque with Almonds & Cilantro

As the mystic of the zodiac, Pisces will find this creamy, dreamy bisque to be the ultimate holiday comfort food. "After all, it enhances their sweet-and-salty palate," Stardust says. Sprinkle with nuts and herbs for extra flavor and crunch.

Get the recipe: Butternut Squash Bisque with Almonds & Cilantro

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