We could all use a little extra R&R after this crazy year.
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For many people, this year has felt really heavy and we could all probably use a little extra R&R right now. Even though it's the holiday season and we're all supposed to feel "merry and bright," the reality is that these are unprecedented times and it's okay to feel burnt out or a little sad. Whether you're celebrating with your quaran-team or riding it out alone, making time for self-care is really important for your mental health and wellbeing—especially right now. While I'm not a mental health expert, these three things have really helped me feel a little happier lately.  

3 Holiday Self-Care Ideas

Facetiming Loved Ones

Each year, I look forward to holiday parties, cookie swaps and movie nights with family and friends. Even though I won't be breaking out my party dress this year, I still try to make time to regularly connect with loved ones. If you're not a big fan of chatting for hours on Facetime or Zoom, one fun idea is to stream your favorite holiday flick together—Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu all have "watch party" features so you can all stay on the exact same part of the movie.

Taking a Bath

Baths have always been my favorite way to unwind after a long day, but I've really grown to love them even more during quarantine (especially with epsom salts or a relaxing CBD bath bomb). I like to make my bathroom feel like a spa with candles and soft music. You could even treat yourself to a hydrating face mask that's perfect for dry winter skin (like this one from Sephora, $6). 

Walking Outside

I notice a huge positive shift in my mood on the days when I go outside. One of my favorite things to do is download an audio book (I love using my local library or Audible) and walk my dog. The time goes by so quickly when you're listening to a great book or upbeat playlist. Bonus: You get a little workout (another mood booster!). 

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