Hot Cocoa Bomb Lattes Are the Cozy, Caffeinated Drink You Need to Fuel Your Holiday Season

Coffee + cocoa bombs = the best holiday drink ever.

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hot cocoa bomb mocha
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As we head into winter, we can all use all the cozy we can get. So, we are in love with the new beverage trend that is the perfect mashup of two of our favorite cold-weather drinks: hot chocolate and lattes. But these are no basic mochas, oh no, these take advantage of the new viral confection, the hot chocolate bomb, to take our coffee experience completely next-level. Whether you are making your own from scratch or hacking it from store-bought bombs and a drive-thru coffee, chances are a hot chocolate bomb mocha latte is just the indulgence you need this winter.

This hollow sphere of chocolate is filled with a combo of hot cocoa mix and any other bonuses you might like. Think mini marshmallows, spices like cinnamon or pumpkin spice or even a little pinch of cayenne for some heat, or bits of crushed peppermint candies or caramel sauce. You can make your own with a silicone mold (like this one from Amazon, $23) by painting the insides of the half-spheres with melted chocolate, letting harden, then filling the bottom half with a packet of instant hot cocoa mix and your add-ins and topping with a second half-dome, "gluing" the two together with more melted chocolate. Try this basic recipe, or you can buy the bombs pre-made.

Want to mix things up? We have recipes for Chocolate Cocoa Bombs, Sea Salt & Caramel Cocoa Bombs and even Peppermint & White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs.

How to Make a Hot Cocoa Bomb Latte

Depending on your home equipment, you can go as fancy or simple as you like. Ultimately you need either a double espresso or a cup of very strong coffee, and some steamed or warmed milk. Put your bomb in the bottom of a large coffee mug, pour your hot coffee slowly over the bomb to melt it, then add steamed or warmed milk to fill the mug. Give a stir to combine the melted chocolate from the bomb and the mix inside, and you have a mocha latte!

As you can see, user @sunfleursweets demonstrated on Instagram how to make an easy cocoa bomb mocha.

Don't have an espresso machine but still want that foamy milk? Try an electric milk warmer and frother (like this one from Amazon, $40). Prefer to let your local coffeehouse do the hard part? Just get a latte to go but ask for it in the next size up cup to accommodate the bomb, add the bomb into your piping-hot latte, then stir the contents in and enjoy!

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