Rachael Ray Just Inspired Us to Serve Charcuterie on the One Thing We Never Thought Of

Less dishes, more delicious!

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If you've already snacked your way through jarcuterie, charcuterie houses and perhaps even have a mail-order charcuterie box en route to your doorstep as we speak, you might be thinking you've just about reached the limits of creativity in terms of your cheese and meat options.

Think again, says Rachael Ray and her team at Rachael Ray In Season. Just in time for your holiday celebrations—even the small-scale and virtual ones you have lined up—you can nosh your way through the night with a 100% edible charcuterie board. Enter: The Any-Occasion Bread Board, a charcuterie spread built atop pizza dough.

Designed by recipe contributor Renae Wilson and reminiscent of one of Ray's brilliant 2008 30-Minute Meals of Handy-Pasto-Antipasto Pizza (pizza dough stuffed with Italian antipasto like artichoke hearts, cheese, salami and olives), this feast eliminates the need for a specific serving vessel and adds a side of bread automatically.

Simply stack a few ramekins or small bowls on top of a baking sheet, then gently stretch the dough to the size of the baking sheet, draping it gently over the bowls. These will become the wells that hold the charcuterie! Bake until golden, allow to cool, then flip that dough onto whatever you'd like to serve it on. A cutting board or even butcher paper (Buy it: $16.99 for 176 feet on Amazon) laid over your table would work great.

Then it's time to let your inner Bob Ross shine. Get creative by making a snack meal masterpiece, dressing up your dough "canvas" with olive tapenade, nuts, olives, picked veggies, cured meats, cheeses, mustards, jams or whatever your heart desires. (Hey, you could even add some happy little trees of broccoli!) Or whatever your pantry holds. When it comes to entertaining for your household alone, you get to make all the rules.

As you dive in, you can tear off a bit of dough and build your perfect bite with any of the fixings that are now part of your edible art.

Your holiday gatherings might be a bit smaller than usual, but that means you can likely call dibs on all of your favorites. (Brie and fig jam, please!) Maybe these new holiday traditions aren't so bad after all…

Get the scoop about how to make The Any-Occasion Bread Board here.

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