🎵 Guac-ing around the Christmas tree... 🎵
trader joe's guacamole wreath
Instagram / @traderjoes
| Credit: Instagram / @traderjoes

Trader Joe’s has already shared many gifts with the universe during 2020. From adorable Cookie Mug Hangers and Hot Cocoa Snowmen to hunger-preventers like the Protein Palette and Olive-Stuffed Chicken Bites, they keep adding new exclusive products to their store shelves that have brightened this stressful year for many of us.

Now, with Christmas just two weeks away, they’re bringing even more good cheer with a new corn chip and brilliant appetizer idea to put them to great use.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly? Nah, deck the table with wreaths of guac! Designed to announce the launch of Trader Joe’s Festive Tortilla Chips, the brilliant minds behind the supermarket brand dreamed up a seasonal and super-Instagrammable snack that we’ll be attempting to recreate ASAP.

As a follow-up to the popular leaf-shaped tortilla chips that fall onto (and off of) TJ’s shelves each autumn, these wintery corn tortilla chips are shaped like stockings, Christmas trees and bells. Rather than using artificial colors, TJ's tints their green and red chips with beet and spinach powders, respectively, according to the Trader Joe’s team.

Each 14-ounce bag is $2.99, and is best paired with a mountain of your favorite store-bought or homemade guacamole (simply pop a large cylindrical container or vase in the center of a round platter and shape the guac around it before lifting the container out). Garnish with "boughs" of cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro leaves.

A peek at the Instagram post comments prove that we’re not the only ones obsessed with this holiday snack idea. A couple basically echoed our feelings: “Guacamole wreath is genius 😍🥑” and “all these years and I’ve never thought of this?!? #guacwreath

Right? So for the next two weeks, and maybe as long as we can snag these Festive Tortilla Chips, we’ll likely be noshing on this 4-ingredient combo early and often to make up for lost time. ‘Tis the season, after all!