Try these stuffed potato latkes to kick off your Festival of Lights celebration.
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fried pickle latkes
Amy Kritzer / What Jew Wanna Eat
| Credit: Amy Kritzer / What Jew Wanna Eat

There's a lot to love about latkes. And while we're big fans of the classic potato versions pan-fried in a skillet with oil or schmaltz, we love how easy the potato pancakes are to customize—and lighten up, if we're in the mood to do so.

So over the years, our Test Kitchen pros have developed corned latkes recipes, including a version that can be cooked in a waffle maker.

Due to the pandemic and smaller holiday gatherings, this year's Hanukkah celebrations are going to feel a lot different already, so why not skew from tradition a bit and add a new, unique latke recipe to your Hanukkah dinner menu? Enter: Quite possibly the trendiest latke recipe we've ever seen, Fried Pickle Latkes with Everything Bagel Ranch.

Recipe creator Amy Kritzer, the author of Sweet Noshings ($14.65, Amazon) and the blogger behind What Jew Wanna Eat, recently told Good Morning America that she dreamed up the recipe while enjoying fried pickles dunked in ranch as a snack.

"Latke batter could be a perfect crust for a fried pickle," she realized, especially since "pickles and pickled foods are a staple in Jewish cooking. Included in everything from Jewish deli favorites to sabich sandwiches in Israel. So it made sense to combine my love for pickles with my love for latkes."

The process is pretty similar to a regular latke recipe at first: Peel, shred and soak potatoes, then dry them very well.

"Dry potatoes are the key to crispy latkes," Kritzer explains in her recipe.

Then come the twists. Kritzer adds some pickle-reminiscent spices to the potatoes, then preps the pickle slices. These also need to be dried thoroughly. Coat both the potatoes and pickles in a little potato starch to help them stick together better, then form a tablespoon of the potato batter around both sides of each pickle slices, pressing to seal around the sides.

Pan fry for a couple of minutes per side, then drain on paper towels and dunk in her delicious-sounding Everything Bagel Ranch. (Glad we're in good company with our Everything But the Bagel Seasoning obsession!)

Get the recipe for Fried Pickle Latkes with Everything Bagel Ranch, whip it up this week and you're pretty much guaranteed a very happy Hanukkah, indeed.