Trader Joe's Has the Best Stocking Stuffers—and They're All Under $5

From your neighbor to your kid’s teacher, these items make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

I love shopping at Trader Joe's for many reasons. From their unique products (like Synergistically Seasoned popcorn and Everything But the Bagel Nuts) to the safety precautions they've put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm always happy to head to my local store. Though I know shopping at Trader Joe's isn't for everyone, one of my favorite things about TJ's is their seasonal offerings—and their holiday products this year are no exception.

Trader Joe's Storefront
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On the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, hosts Tara Miller and Matt Sloan gave listeners an inside look at some of their favorite products. From the returning snowman hot cocoa bomb to new cookies, we've pulled together our favorite items that would make the perfect stocking stuffer—plus, they're all under $5!

The Best Stocking Stuffers to Buy at Trader Joe's

Snowman-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bomb

This returning favorite capitalizes on the hot chocolate trend in an adorable, wintry fashion. You can find a snowman bomb for $1.99, but supplies are limited, so be sure to grab one (or three!) during your next TJ's run.

Hot Chocolate Sticks

These fun, festive Hot Chocolate Sticks are the perfect stocking stuffer. Just stir one of these dark chocolate sticks into a glass of hot milk (your favorite plant-based milk works too!) and you'll have a warming mug of rich chocolate. A 7.04-ounce box of eight sticks costs just $3.29.

Sugar Plum Sparkling Beverage

Trader Joe's has taken a classic holiday treat and turned it into a beverage that both kids and adults will love! The carbonated water is flavored with plum juice and white grape juice to create a gorgeous, festive drink (you could even use it as a mixer and add your favorite booze, if you're so inclined). A 750mL bottle costs $2.99 and makes a perfect gift for your neighbor or kid's teacher.

Pfeffernüsse Cookie Mix

Pfeffernüsse, which is a traditional German Christmas cookie, has plenty of warming spices and is a delicious holiday treat. But if you're short on time or just don't feel like taking on an involved baking project, TJ's has made things way easier for you with their easy Pfeffernüsse cookie mix! Grab a 17.46-ounce box for $2.99, put it in your kid's stocking and then spend a cozy afternoon together baking these powdered sugar-covered balls of deliciousness.


After heading to Germany for Pfeffernüsse cookies, stop in the Netherlands for a tin of Stroopwafels. These thin, caramel-filled cookies are perfect for dunking in a mug of coffee or tea. You can buy a 11.29-ounce tin for $4.99.

Coins of the World

Round out your food adventure with Trader Joe's Coins of the World. The Euros, Francs, Pounds and U.S. coins are all chocolate candies that make the perfect gift for Hanukkah or Christmas. A 4-ounce bag of coins costs just $1.99.

Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Joe Joe's Bar

If your loved one is a fan of peppermint bark, they'll go crazy for this chocolate bar. The dark chocolate bar is mixed with cookie pieces and sprinkled with peppermint candy to create the ultimate treat. A single bar costs $1.99, and I will be buying many of these for myself.

Cookie Mug Hangers

These cookie mug hangers would pair well with any of Trader Joe's hot chocolate products. Designed to hang off your mug, these festive gingerbread people come in a 5.47-ounce box for just $2.49. While Santa might have elves, you'll have gingerbread people—and that's way better!

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