Trader Joe's Is Selling Snowman-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bombs to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

Plus, they’re selling three other holiday items to upgrade your cocoa.

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Hot chocolate has taken the Internet by storm. From hot chocolate "charcuterie" boards to hot chocolate "truffles", there seem to be endless variations of the seasonal drink. But the one version I'm most excited about? Hot chocolate bombs—and now, Trader Joe's has a new, adorable version that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Trader Joe's is selling a snowman-shaped hot cocoa bomb that makes the perfect stocking stuffer. To enjoy, simply pour warmed milk over the white chocolate snowman in a mug and wait for the snowman to melt. When it does, you'll be rewarded with mini marshmallows and milk chocolate drops that when stirred together make the perfect mug of hot chocolate.

You can find a snowman-shaped hot cocoa bomb at your local Trader Joe's for $1.99, but supplies are limited. If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, you can get crafty in the kitchen and make your own. (Here's our step-by-step guide for making your own cocoa bombs and try our sea salt & caramel or peppermint white chocolate versions). Or, if you're not a chocolatier, you can also buy a similar snowman hot cocoa bomb online (buy it: Etsy, $25 for a pack of 5).

In addition to the hot cocoa bomb, Trader Joe's has a few other holiday items that will up your hot chocolate game. First, their Handmade Candy Canes would be the perfect tool to stir your drink with. And when your candy cane melts, you'll find a cocoa crème in the center. Each candy cane is $1.29 and will only be in stores for a limited time, so be sure to keep a lookout!

And while you're at the store, grab a box of their Cookie Mug Hangers to hang out on the rim of your mug. These cookies hangers are shaped like gingerbread people and there are about 16 cookies in a 5.47 ounce box for $2.49. (Or, you can buy online at Williams Sonoma (buy it: Williams Sonoma, $17 for a set of 4). And what's a gingerbread person without a gingerbread house? You can make your own or buy a humble abode for your gingerbread people online (buy it: Uncommon Goods, $20 for a set of 4).

Finally, make your mug of hot chocolate even richer with Trader Joe's Hot Chocolate Sticks. Similar to the hot cocoa bomb, these sticks are made from dark cocoa and melt in a mug of warm milk to produce a warming drink (a 7.04 ounce box of sticks costs $3.29). These would also be great as a stocking stuffer or to surprise kids and adults alike with a rich cup of cocoa that comes together as it melts right before your eyes.

While these may not be the healthiest foods that Trader Joe's sells (you could add some of these dietitian-approved TJ's foods to your cart when you go) they're festive, fun and only available for a limited time. We can't wait to sip our upgraded cocoa and spread some cheer to our friends and give some out as delicious gifts.

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