Kate Hudson Can't Get Enough of This Creamy Mac and Cheese That's Only 6 Points on Weight Watchers

Kate Hudson says this Weight Watchers-approved mac and cheese is even better as leftovers the next day!

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With her devotion to coffee and moderation in all things—yes, she eats carbs!—Kate Hudson continues to be one of our top dream celeb dinner guests. After following along with her Instagram cooking adventures this year, including Chicken Chili, we're pretty sure we could handle the cooking ourselves … and have a blast doing it, too!

Most recently, Hudson, who has been a rep for WW (the rebranded Weight Watchers) since 2018, took to her Instagram account to demonstrate one of her favorite pasta recipes that also happens to be WW-approved.

We followed along and then had to rush to find the recipe for Super-Creamy Mac and Cheese to recreate ourselves. It looks *just* like the classic comfort food our grandmas made, breadcrumb topping and all, and the sauce is hiding two veggies in plain sight.

While she sautés the breadcrumbs in a skillet with a teaspoon of butter, Hudson shows off a savvy portion control hack: measuring her pasta serving on a food scale (a tool which both Carrie Underwood and Ina Garten swear by!). This recipe calls for half of a standard-sized box of pasta, and there's no chance of overshooting the sometimes-tricky macaroni measurement if you weigh out the 8 ounces.

Then it's time for the produce to step into the spotlight. Hudson drops a pile of cauliflower florets and chopped carrots into a big pot of boiling water to cook. Once tender, she removes the veggies and tosses the noodles in to boil.

Hudson's adorable 2-year-old daughter Rani then steps in as sous chef to help add ingredients to the blender for the sauce. Vegetable broth, cream cheese, mustard, hot sauce, Cheddar, Gruyère, salt, pepper and those simmered veggies purée down into vibrant orange-hued sauce that's almost reminiscent of the blue box sauce. Hudson coats the cooked pasta in the sauce, then goes her own way with the cooking vessel. While the directions call for cooking it in one large casserole dish, we love Hudson's idea of single-serving ramekins. (She used her Staub Ceramics Mini Round Cocottes; $59.99 for 3, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, saying, "I need more of these things. So cute!")

"Six points for this is pretty great," Hudson says, as she crowned each mini casserole with the toasted breadcrumbs and a bit more shredded Cheddar.

After baking and taste-testing, her review of "oh my god it's so good!" and her caption note that "this recipe was not only yummy but even better heated up the next day," helped this Super-Creamy Mac and Cheese recipe jump its way up our must-make list. Because couldn't we all use a little comfort food hug after this year?!

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