Swiss and salami have had their day. Learn how to ace hot chocolate charcuterie boards!

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Hot cocoa is blowing up this year. Once eclipsed by popular drinks like PSLs, whipped coffee or matcha lattes, hot chocolate in any form is exploding in popularity once again this fall thanks to hot cocoa bombs. (ICYMI, here's what those are, where to buy 'em online and how to make them at home!)

Hot on the heels of these melting mug-fillers and just in time for the holiday season, gorgeous, mix-in-loaded hot cocoa charcuterie boards are filling up our social media feeds this fall. Instead of cheese and cured meats, these shareable platters are often adorned with everything you need to customize a next-level cup of cocoa, such as cocoa powder (naturally), whipped cream, marshmallows, candies, cookies, extracts, sprinkles and more. And for the adults, in the case of the Boozy Hot Chocolate Board the EatingWell Test Kitchen trendsetters created earlier this year, liqueurs to ensure everyone is in good spirit(s).

hot cocoa board

For a holiday evening nightcap or for game or movie nights with your household or quaran-team, use these hot cocoa charcuterie boards as inspiration to DIY (FYI- we like this set of two boards, $31.98, Amazon).

Hot Cocoa Board Ideas

@tamingtwins dresses up her cocoa spread with meringues—a unique, low-cal swap for marshmallows—and mini ginger people cookies. We think these Snowman Meringue Cookies would be perfect for the role.

Don't forget the candy canes and caramels if you're serving hot cocoa charcuterie near the holidays, a la @kelticknotcharcuterie.

Combine two trends into one with a hot cocoa bomb-adorned drink charcuterie board, just like @easyylivin. We love the addition of biscotti and chocolate-dipped pretzels to use as dunkers!

Coconut and rock candies are among the unique components on @no2pencilblog's lineup. And is that salt we spy to combine with the caramels? Yum.

Frosted animal cookies (like Mother's Circus Animal Cookies; $2.50, Amazon) and Andes Mints ($17.40 for 120, Amazon) on a hot cocoa charcuterie board like this one by @kateburning will please the kids and kids at heart.