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File this under "unexpected celebrity career trajectory."

When she appeared in 1994's The Mask or 1998's There's Something About Mary, we never would have guessed that Cameron Diaz would become a majorly talented culinary ace a couple decades later. Today, though, after watching her rock Instagram demos for everything from an elote-inspired roasted corn salad to her homemade "cheesy" vegan popcorn, we're ready to start the petition to get Diaz her own cooking show.

cameron diaz mushroom pasta
Credit: Getty Images / Avaline

The veggie-strong recipes she's been sharing on social media lately (see: her "Weirdo" Fall Salad) make eating produce feel fun. Plus the fact that she doesn't seem too restrictive with her daily diet—which often includes a glass or two of wine from her new Avaline line—makes the sneakily food-savvy celeb one of our dream dinner party guests (post-pandemic, of course).

Most recently, Diaz dreamed up a vegetarian pasta recipe that looks and sounds like it strikes the perfect balance of hearty and healthy.

"I believe that fungi will save the world," Diaz says, explaining why she chose mushrooms to star in this entree. "They are delicious, nutrient powerhouses and dare I say, the bomb...Because mushrooms are naturally earthy with their complex umami quality, you'll find this dish pairs best with Avaline red for richness and depth."

Featuring heart-healthy olive oil, vibrant fresh herbs, bright lemon, plus a hint of richness via a splash of heavy cream, this spaghetti entree is topped with Diaz's seasoning MVP: Maldon Sea Salt ($6.05 for 8 ½ ounces, to season it and make the flavors pop.

To make it, cook spaghetti to al dente, reserving a cup of the pasta water before draining. Saute mushrooms and garlic in a large skillet with a little olive oil and butter until golden brown, remove them from the pan, then sweat shallots or red onions in the same pan. Dump the mushrooms and garlic back into the skillet with the shallots, invite the pasta to the party, add heavy cream and enough of the reserved pasta water to get the sauce to your desired consistency. Finish things off with Diaz's "finishing touches."

"I love to cut my creamy pasta sauces with a squeeze (or two) of lemon. It brings a brightness to the dish that is unexpected, but doesn't detract from the hearty richness. Serve each dish with a wedge of lemon, and insist your guests squeeze the lemon on the pasta and mix throughout the dish. If you are afraid of the lemon, just try it on one bite as a tester bite. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. For me it makes the dish," Diaz says. "I also like to do a sprinkle of flaky salt like Maldon, and finally finish with a sprinkle of parsley."

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