Forget the fancy cheese board—we're going with Julia Child's favorite easy appetizer!
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From cassoulet to Coq au Vin to crêpes Suzette, many of Julia Child's signature recipes are quite elegant, and, well, a little complicated. While the results are worth the effort, her dishes often require a labor of love to get them on the table.

Which made us wonder, did Julia ever just throw in the towel and call for pizza delivery, snag an order of fast food through a drive-through window or pop open a box of cereal and deem that dinner?

After learning about one surprising menu on Child's Thanksgiving menu each year, we now feel like those moves might be more within the realm of possibility. Apparently she adored Goldfish crackers.

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Harvard University confirmed this to be true at a 2012 day-long symposium about Child's life. They explained her food philosophy explaining that "while Julia is often heralded for her focus on fresh ingredients, her ideas on food were far-ranging...she found organic food elitist, thought McDonald's French fries and Burger King hamburgers were the best," the symposium notes explained. (We knew it re: fast food!)

One of her favorite snacks, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, were served at the post-symposium reception, the Harvard hosts revealed.

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A Fast Company story about the origins of the Cheddar-flavored snack expanded on this devotion. It mentioned that Child set out Goldfish as a Thanksgiving appetizer each year to pair with "reverse martinis"—her cocktail hour creation that included vermouth on the rocks with a floater of gin.

Sure, you could spend $50 to assemble a showy cheese board to snack on before Thanksgiving dinner. But if any year called for hitting the "easy" button on at least one course of the holiday menu, we say 2020 is it. The flavor of Cheddar and crackers in one affordable, 5-second "recipe" (open bag, pour into bowl)? That sounds like a winning starter to us!