Weight Watchers (now called WW) just launched myWW+, a more holistic approach to dieting.
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Weight Watchers (now called WW) just introduced a new update called myWW+, which offers users a customizable program that focuses more on overall health. Rather than just focusing on weight loss, myWW+ has features to help you understand and improve your food, activity, mindset and sleep. 

For starters, there are new meal-planning tools, such as "Meal Planner" and "What's in Your Fridge" (the latter feature is still in beta testing) to help users choose what they want to eat during the week based on food preferences, cooking time or what they already have at home.

Additionally, there will be an all new personal assessment to help users identify and implement changes to help them lose weight. According to a press release, the Weight Watchers platform "uses machine learning and AI to identify the preferences of each unique member—the more the member engages with the content and features, the more myWW+ delivers." 

Mindy Grossman, WW CEO and President, said in a press release, "As a human-centric technology company, we know how important it is for people to have a comprehensive app experience that helps them lose weight and get healthier so they can become the best version of themselves. Our ​myWW+​ program offers a sought-after holistic wellness solution that is also highly customizable to fit your life, no matter where it takes you."

Another new feature of this program update is the weekly check-in—rather than just logging your weight each week, the check-in acts as a sort of weekly progress report to help you understand the full picture with food, activity, mindset and sleep (users can input their sleep schedule manually or sync it with a wearable device).

Using this data, users can then create an "action plan" by selecting pre-made goals or creating their own. The app also offers science-backed tips for getting a better night's sleep and several other free features such as workouts from FitOn and Aaptiv and 5-minute coaching sessions that are organized by categories such as "Manage Eating" or "Help for Stress".

"With our expertise in behavior change, we go beyond the basics of education and guidance and offer a personalized, action-oriented approach for our members," said Gary Foster, Chief Scientific Officer, WW. "What's particularly compelling about ​myWW+​ is that we have been able to scale behavior change like never before by taking scientific/science-based principles and delivering them in our app experience for all members to benefit."

At EatingWell, we've always believed healthy eating is about more than what's on your plate. Stress, sleep, mood and physical activity all impact our health, so we're happy to see WW move in this direction. While plans and apps aren't for everyone, these new features may help people look beyond just how many points they're eating and focus more on how they're feeling.