How to Turn Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie into a Cocktail

Whether you like pecan, apple or pumpkin, we have a festive drink for you.

It's fun to eat those favorite classic Thanksgiving staples but what about drinking them? Oh yes, you heard it right, we're talking about turning those very same pies we love around this time into a cocktail!

Pecan Pie Cocktails on a platter with pecans scattered around
Quin Liburd

Let's take pecan pie and turn it into a delicious cocktail

The base of this Pecan Pie Cocktail (pictured above) includes bourbon, maple-pecan-flavored liqueur and heavy cream. It's creamy, packed with deliciously flavored booze and makes for such a fun treat. The festively decorated rim consists of maple syrup and crushed pecans. To pack in more maple-pecan flavor, you can surely use more maple-pecan liqueur for an extra punch. A final garnish of whipped cream and pecan halves rounds out this pecan pie cocktail.

Pumpkin Pie Cocktails on a wooden surface with pumpkin in the background
Quin Liburd

Next up, the beloved pumpkin pie

We're taking a classic White Russian approach with this Pumpkin Pie Cocktail (pictured above), which includes pumpkin-pie-flavored vodka, Kahlúa, pumpkin-spice liqueur and heavy cream. There's so much pumpkin goodness in this cocktail, thanks to the pumpkin-flavored vodka and pumpkin-spice liqueur. Finish this pumpkin pie cocktail off with whipped cream, a generous sprinkle of cinnamon and star anise for a festive garnish.

Apple-Pie Sangria in a large glass container with two glasses of sangria

Lastly, classic apple pie meets sangria and mimosa

Signature warm and inviting components make up this delicious Apple Pie Sangria (pictured above). Sweet riesling wine is combined with apple cider, apple brandy and fresh apple chunks to soak up all the flavor! Cinnamon sticks and a touch of vanilla extract help add that quintessential pie-inspired feel. For another take on apple pie, this Apple Pie Mimosa is a stunner featuring just three ingredients: bubbly Champagne, apple cider and cinnamon sticks. So easy and so simple!

Try out one of these pie cocktails for a fun and unique Thanksgiving-inspired treat. Fall seasonal flavors are not just limited to desserts and that is evident with these cocktail recipes. From pecan to pumpkin to apple; there is sure to be a holiday cocktail here that you can enjoy!

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