Ina Garten Loves This 5-Ingredient Appetizer That's Perfect for the Holidays

The Barefoot Contessa can't get enough of this cheesy appetizer.

Ina has coached us through brunch conundrums, harrowing happy hours and entertaining al fresco during the fall months. And, of course, she's always been there for us ahead of the holidays.

We don't know about you, but at least a couple of the delicious dishes from her cookbook Modern Comfort Food are sure to make an appearance on our seasonal menus, just like this easy cheese recipe she introduced us to on Instagram back in 2020:

"Making @missyarobbins baked ricotta. It can be served with sweet or savory things—which would you prefer?" Ina captioned the photo, tagging the award-winning chef responsible for the Baked Ricotta with Stone Fruit and Honey recipe

The general consensus appeared to be a mix, leaning slightly toward savory, although our favorite fan response was: "Maybe a combo?!" Agreed.

Ina Garten Cooking
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Luckily, chef Missy Robbins (owner of the New York City restaurants Lilia and Misi and the creator of the specialty store MP Grocery) spilled the details with the James Beard Foundation.

"The most important thing about this recipe is buying the right ricotta. Do not buy the regular grocery store variety. It is generally watery and doesn't have enough fat content to get the creaminess you're after. Take the time to seek out a more authentic artisanal variety, or go to your closest old-school Italian market to get the good stuff," Robbins recommends.

Yep, "good" ricotta. Sounds very Ina, and we're loving this versatile, elegant recipe year after year. All that's missing is a great glass of sparkling wine to sip alongside!

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