You don’t have to be bored at home this winter. Look to the stars to find out the best holiday activity for your sign!
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It can be hard to stay active and busy in the winter. The cold air and lack of sunshine can make snuggling up at home in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa seem way more appealing. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, there are actually a ton of other fun activities to do during those colder months to keep your spirits high and help you stay connected to loved ones.

If you're looking for some new cold-weather activities, you can shake things up by listening to the stars. Here's the best holiday activity for your zodiac sign, courtesy of Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of Magickal Astrology.

Best Holiday Activity for Your Zodiac Sign


"Building and sitting around fires is one of the ways we welcome the cold months, and Aries people have an innate relationship with fire," she says. Try cooking a campfire meal over an open fire, whipping up some s'mores or just snuggling up with loved ones.


"Earthy Taureans have green thumbs and an innate affinity with the plant world. They're the first to decorate their homes with festive greenery and to put up holiday trees," she says. Go all out this year with decorating your Christmas tree and keep it up throughout winter, even once the holidays are over. If you don't celebrate Christmas, buy some plants that thrive indoors and help clean the air in your home! You'll get to show off your green thumb and enjoy some greenery when it's cold outside.


Time for you to schedule a game night, Gemini! Alexander says, "Mentally oriented Geminis love playing cards, mahjong, backgammon and other games. Now that many people are spending more time at home, playing board games is a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy spending time with a few friends or family members." Solo? Play online games where you can play against yourself or others virtually!


Give your kitchen that warm, just-baked cookie smell all winter long. Alexander says, "People born when the sun is in Cancer love baking, and this season provides endless opportunities to indulge your skills." You can be sentimental for the holidays and bake cookies and holiday pies from old family recipes, or just try a new recipe you've had your eye on. (We're partial to these delicious and comforting holiday baking recipes!)


Leo is the sign of drama and entertainment, so sit back and relax for a movie marathon when it's chilly outdoors. "Movie nights at home with family or a few friends are a safe, fun alternative to attending the cinema," she says. Dig out those favorite seasonal movies you love watching, even though you've seen them a hundred times and know all the lines.


Virgo is great with their hands, and many happen to be artsy folks or skilled craftspeople. Put your skills to use and knit a sweater to give to loved ones. Alexander says, "This season you may enjoy making unique and useful holiday gifts for family members and friends that they'll treasure." (Not into knitting? We have some really cool DIY food gift ideas here!)


This may not be the year for throwing a big holiday gala, but sociable Libras love to entertain and are all about beautiful aesthetics. Alexander says, "Consider hosting small, intimate gatherings for a few close friends or family members." Even if it's just you and your immediate family (or friends over Zoom), it's fun to put together an elegant dinner party, a themed movie night or a glam, indoor picnic!


The holidays are the perfect time for self-care and taking some time away from the hustle and bustle. And Alexander says Scorpios could especially use a little bit of "me time." She says, "Water-sign folks can benefit from regular, relaxing baths with epsom or pink Himalayan salts and essential oils to calm body, mind and spirit."


"Sagittarians are world travelers and it's hard for you globetrotters to be cooped up at home, especially during the holidays," Alexander says. Instead of traveling long distances this season, consider taking some short trips, such as drives in the country or jaunts to places in your own area that you haven't been to in a while. For wintertime-specific activities, try walks in the woods, sledding and other activities to take advantage of the great outdoors.


"Capricorns tend to be nostalgic folks who uphold longstanding traditions, so this is a good time to once again enjoy some of the things you did as a kid or revive family traditions," she says. Send real, paper holiday cards instead of e-cards or pull out old photo albums and revisit seasonal memories from the past to feel those positive moments from youth.


Aquarians are humanitarians who want to make the world a better place. "During the holidays, your awareness of the needs of others becomes even more apparent," she says. Consider getting involved in a charitable cause this season to help in your community, such as delivering food and gifts to those in need or donating online.


Get those speakers ready! "Your sign is ruled by the planet Neptune, which also rules music," Alexander says. This season you might enjoy getting together with a few friends or family members for an at-home holiday sing-along. If you can't interact with others, keep your favorite tunes on at home and belt it out!