My taste buds are already tingling.
Lidl hot sauce Advent calendar
| Credit: Lidl

It may only be October still, but the holiday season is fully upon us. As someone who loves to plan ahead when it comes gift giving, I'm constantly on the lookout for fun and unique presents. And one gift I always buy early: an Advent calendar! This season there seems to be an endless amount to choose from, including a jam-packed one, one with German beer and of course, one for wine lovers. But one version that I'm super excited about is Lidl's new hot sauce Advent calendar.

Available in stores starting October 28, this Advent calendar features 24 bottles of gourmet hot sauce. And even though I don't have the highest spice tolerance, there are plenty of flavors in the calendar for all palates. Flavors include: Habanero Red Hot, Jalapeño, Extra Hot, Chipotle, Carolina Reaper, Mango Mild, Garlic, Hot, Cajun, Wasabi, Cascabella and Habanero Green.

The bottles come in 20.16 ounces, and considering I usually use just a dab or two on burritos or eggs, this present is sure to last well past the holiday season. You can find the calendar at your local Lidl store for $14.99, which breaks down to about 62 cents per bottle!

So the next time you're at Lidl, be on the lookout for this spicy, fun calendar. But if you (or the person you're shopping for) can't handle the heat, Lidl also has other food Advent calendars, including a chocolate one and a cheese one.