Your next workout could be written in the stars.
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Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and boost your mood—especially during these stressful pandemic days—but it can be easy to get stuck in a workout rut. To inspire renewed vigor in your home gym or out in Mother Nature, consider trying out a physical activity that aligns with your star sign. To guide us, we tapped Arizona-based astrologer Molly Cardinal to find out the best workout for your zodiac sign.

Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign


Mars, the warrior, is the ruler of Aries, and thus those born under this sign often possess an intense, competitive, fighter-type quality. According to Cardinal, "A weightlifting routine, whether bodybuilding or power lifting style, is an ideal workout for Aries to channel their inner warrior and exert all of their strength. These workout routines are often split by body part throughout the week, and because Aries by nature likes to get to the point, they will appreciate repping out one muscle group at a time."


Taurus is ruled by the goddess of love and beauty, Venus, and the season occurs during the prettiest time of the year when the flowers are blooming. Our astrologer expert says, "Barre, a fitness routine inspired by ballet, is an elegant yet effective workout that Taurus would love. Taurus as a general rule would rather be happy and physically comfortable than throwing extremely heavy weights around a gym, and while barre can really burn out your muscles, it has a much more subtle energy and encourages participants to focus on ballerina-style posture and alignment."


Gemini is the busiest of the signs, constantly needing mental stimulation and something to do. Cardinal says, "This mutable quality means that the last thing that Gemini wants to do is a whole hour in one place doing one thing. HIIT training is not only generally shorter time-wise, but the progression from exercise to exercise moves quickly, which is perfect to keep Gemini interested and motivated along the way."


The sign of the Cancer is often known for being most at peace when they're in their own home; fittingly, much like the crab in its shell. This sign tends to feel things strongly, and being able to take time in their comfy space to process everything is crucial. Cardinal advises that Cancers should consider purchasing a set of resistance bands for an at-home workout (we like these ones from Amazon, $7). She says, "Light and taking up minimal space in Cancer's perfectly coiffed home, resistance bands are a great tool to strength train and stay active from the comfort of one's own living room."


As a vibrant and dynamic bunch, Leos need something exciting and energetic to keep them going during a workout. "Spin classes often involve loud and lively music, bright lights and an awesomely motivational instructor. Not only is spin a great cardiovascular exercise, but some classes even include light hand-weight work for the strength training component. All of it in a fun atmosphere makes it the perfect exercise for Leo," Cardinal says.


The sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is known for their attention to detail. They like to make sure everything is in order up to their standards, and will continue putting in the work until it is. Cardinal expands on this, saying, "In Pilates, a low-impact strength practice, participants are focusing on strengthening all the tiny muscles in their body, so it would be an ideal workout for Virgo to narrow in and focus. Proper form is especially emphasized in Pilates so that the correct muscles are engaged in the exercise, and Virgo, also an earth sign and thus very tuned into physicality, would love the challenge of subtly shifting their body into alignment."


With their symbol being the scales, as well as occurring during the fall equinox when the weather is usually just right, the sign of Libra seeks balance and harmony in all things. They like to understand the other side of a situation and see how all the components can be orchestrated together beautifully. According to our astrologer, "Libra would thrive in a regular yoga practice—especially vinyasa yoga for its graceful flow or hatha yoga to focus on individual poses. Yogis can pursue balance through holding challenging poses, focusing on the opposing forces of strength and stretch, as well as cultivating the mental peace that often comes with a good session."


The sign of Scorpio is often associated with the hidden aspects of life, and those born under this sign are known for holding their own secrets while investigating and trying to reveal everyone else's secrets. Cardinal says, "Things that are too risqué for anyone else, Scorpio is going to be into it—like a pole-dancing class. A fantastic body strengthener, pole dancing also gives the participants an open atmosphere to bring forth their seductive side that otherwise stays masked during their everyday life, which could be cathartic for Scorpio."


Sagittarius, a fire sign, wants to enjoy all that life has to offer and loves a good time. The astrologer shares that Sagittarius generally loves to seek out and learn about other cultures, so a Latin American-inspired dance workout like Zumba would be an ideal way to get in their exercise. "Zumba classes are fun, upbeat and a total party atmosphere—perfect for jovial and adventurous Sagittarius," she says.


The sign of Capricorn is at the top of the zodiac chart and is symbolized by the goat, an animal skilled at shimmying up the mountain. Cardinal explains, "Capricorns are often very goal-driven and like to be the best at what they're doing, whether that's a career or their game of Words with Friends, and they don't stop until they've reached the top. What better way to channel their inner goat than hiking? A solo hike especially is a chance for Capricorn to be in competition with themselves and see how far they can go while the fresh air clears their mind."


Aquarians are often known as being futuristic and progressive, which is why they can come across as odd to other people, and also why they sometimes have to put a lid on human interaction and crawl into their pods. Cardinal says, "A component of the future that Aquarians are often adept at is technology. A subscription to a fitness app, such as Sweat or Nike Training Club, checks off both boxes for Aquarius." That way, they can get in their workout however—and whenever—they want.


The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces can sometimes struggle to find motivation to get up and do something like a grueling workout, especially if it isn't inspiring to them, as they tend to be artsy and abstract. Cardinal explains, "A home-based cycling program that uses a screen to take the user on beautiful scenic rides would give Pisces the chance to find the right exertion level for them as well as transport them to a stunning location to digitally explore."