Are you more of a Cheddar or a Gorgonzola? Here's what's written in the stars.

Cheese is the ultimate comfort food (looking at you, pizza, nachos, cheeseburgers and creamy dip!), but cheese is also pretty good for you in its pure form. You might have a couple of go-to cheeses you tend to veer toward (Cheddar on crackers or gooey burrata with tomatoes, perhaps?), but if you're looking for some new cheeses, why not try one that's perfectly suited for you? Here's the best cheese for your zodiac sign, along with some recipe ideas that incorporate it, according to psychic Joshua MacGuire.

The Best Cheese for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Mozzarella

MacGuire says, "Since Aries like to also be special, artisanal mozzarella di bufala from Italy or even trendy burrata mozzarella would be good for Aries — it has a creamy center, just like Aries does, though they may not want you to know it." Unlike aged cheeses such as Brie or Cheddar, mozzarella is ready to eat straight away, much like Aries who is ready for anything! There are so many ways to enjoy it, too.

Taurus: Gorgonzola

Rich Gorgonzola is perfect for Taurus, the sign associated with money and luxury. "It can be buttery or firm and salty and also has an unexpected bite— the kind you might get if you disagree with a Taurus," he says. At the same time, Gorgonzola is crumbly and yielding, which is very Taurus. They might put up a strong front, but what they really want is love, he says.

Gemini: Brie


MacGuire says Brie is a great choice for Gemini, since like the sign, it's fluffy (good at small talk). The cheese also has a bloomy outer rind with a contrasting, smooth interior (much like Gemini's dual personality). Brie is also mellow and a little bit nutty, just like Gemini. Try it with spiced nuts for a fun appetizer this holiday season.

Cancer: Cream Cheese

smoked salmon cream cheese toast

Cream cheese is soft and mild, just what Cancer needs to feel nurtured and cared for. MacGuire says that combining milk and cream is ideal for comfort-loving Cancerians. "Its high-fat content makes it particularly soothing for Cancer," he says. Enjoy it with smoked salmon on toast for a quick and decadent breakfast.

Leo: Gjetost

spinach salad with goat cheese

This Norwegian cheese usually comes wrapped in red foil, so it's perfect for the red carpet star of the zodiac, Leo. "Because gjetost is so decadent, Leo will likely be a fan: its texture is almost like fudge or peanut butter," he says. Like Leo, it's generous and rich and lingers on the palate (Leos often leave a long-lasting impression!). Swap out goat cheese for gjetost in this fall salad with crisp apples and nuts.

Virgo: Feta

feta kale pear salad

Feta is a compact cheese that's simple, but elegant, just like Virgo. Plus, it's unparalleled for crumbling into salads (which most health-conscious Virgos love!). MacGuire says, "Feta also has a somewhat lemony taste, which relates to Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury. Virgo does a lot but doesn't make a big deal about it; the sign is irreplaceable but not boastful, just like feta."

Libra: Gouda

Smoked gouda-broccoli soup

MacGuire recommends Gouda cheese for Libras, since the sign is all about balance. "Its caramel-like flavor makes it sweet, yet it's dense, just like Libra is amicable yet economical," he says. Gouda is also springy, just like Libra is when it comes to being flexible and "going along to get along" with others. Try it smoked in a warm broccoli soup for a chilly fall night.

Scorpio: Blue Cheese

3-ingredient blue cheese & fig bites

Blue cheese is something you either really love or hate — like Scorpio is about many things. "Like Scorpio, some people may find blue cheese too pungent or abrasive. Scorpios are true to themselves, and don't want you to love them unless you do," he says. Like Scorpio, blue cheese makes no apologies for its bold, sharp and tangy flavor. It's for a discriminating palate. Whip up a 3-ingredient blue cheese and fig bite recipe for an easy appetizer.

Sagittarius: Provolone

tomato provolone sandwich

"Like Sagittarius, provolone is a crowd favorite, and it's buttery, smooth and slightly tangy," he says. It has a pleasant aroma and an unmistakable, yet unobtrusive aftertaste, like the impression Sagittarius leaves. "It's a great deli cheese, which is perfect for no-frills Sagittarius who is often on the go," he adds, so use it in a sandwich for a simple but tasty lunch.

Capricorn: Goat Cheese

steak with goat cheese

Goat cheese is perfect for the goat of the zodiac (that's Capricorn's symbol). "It also has very earthy nuances which Capricorn, an earth sign, may very much appreciate," he says. Goat cheese is strong and dependable and the work it does is notable, just like Capricorn. Enjoy it herb-flavored and stuffed in flank steak for a hearty, decadent steak dinner.

Aquarius: Cheddar

Cauliflower Cheddar Bay Biscuits

"Just like Aquarius, Cheddar can be bright, sharp and funky. If Aquarius is anything, he or she is popular, and Cheddar can go anywhere and get along just fine—in casseroles, as a snack, even with tuna," he says. Try these Cauliflower Cheddar Bay Biscuits for a Cheddar-filled dish that's as unique as you, Aquarius!

Pisces: Camembert

Camembert is captivating, with hints of caramelized butter. "It's a beautiful cheese and its interior is smooth and soft, much like Pisces," he says. It has a pleasant and soft finish, much like the impression Pisces leaves you with. "Camembert is also subtle, just like Pisces who offers an unassuming light touch," he says.