The 7 Best Healthy Foods You Can Buy at IKEA

On your next IKEA shopping trip, stock up on these surprisingly affordable healthy foods and drinks.

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Can you believe IKEA has been a thing for 70 years? In honor of their big birthday, the brand dropped a new 2021 catalog that's jam-packed with home design inspiration. While we won't be stocking up on every item in their ample warehouse, we are big fans of the brand's big shift into more sustainable practices—and their easy online ordering and curbside pickup options.

So for holiday season and a new-year refresh, we have our eyes set on some new food storage containers, bamboo butcher block cutting board, portable induction cooktop...and we might have to snag this shelving unit with wine bottle racks, you know, just to keep our virtual happy hour stock nice and tidy.

While selecting our new home items, we were inspired to peek into what's currently available in IKEA's always-changing food market. It goes far beyond Swedish meatballs and froyo cones, after all!

Here's what we'll be adding to our shopping lists to pick up along with our new kitchen tools so we can eat healthfully and affordably all winter long.

7 IKEA Healthy Foods and Drinks to Add to Your Shopping List—Plus How to Use Them

SJÖRAPPORT Frozen Salmon Fillets

Price: $12.99 for four (about 4-ounce) fillets

Packed with protein and healthy fats, these responsibly sourced, sustainable salmon fillets are frozen soon after the fish are caught. Defrost and use in a recipe like this Cajun Salmon with Greek Yogurt Remoulade for an omega 3-packed dinner.

MUNSBIT Black Currant, Blueberry and Acerola Oat Smoothie

Price: $1.79 for 250 milliliters

Ideal for a part of a quick breakfast (just add a hard-boiled egg or other source of protein), these lactose-free fruit and oat smoothies require zero blending.

HUVUDROLL Frozen Plant Balls

Price: $5.99 for 18 ounces

Like IKEA's popular Swedish meatballs, just with a lower carbon footprint, these vegan non-meatballs have a similar texture and flavor to beef thanks to pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple. Try them as the protein in these Greek Meatball Mezze Bowls.

BÄSTISAR Mix of Grains with Spices

Price: $2.99 for 9 ounces

Sweden-based IKEA is part of the Nordic region (which also includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway), so it makes sense that they offer a Nordic grain mix. So what does that mean, exactly? Oats, wheat, rye and barley whole grains team up here and are flavored with garlic, lemon, jalapeno and, very fittingly, lingonberries. We'll be serving this as the base for our Rainbow Buddha Bowls with Cashew-Tahini Sauce for the foreseeable future.

SENAP GROV Organic Whole-Grain Mustard

Price: $2.99 for 176 milliliters

Low in calories but full of flavor, grainy mustard makes a brilliant addition to everything from salad dressings and sandwiches to cheese boards and meat marinades.

EGENTID Organic Black Tea

Price: $3.99 for 25 bags

Hot toddy season has arrived! Two of our tricks for hangover-free mornings: Sticking to smaller glasses and making single servings—rather than a pitcher cocktail. Brew up a mug of black tea, then follow our tips to make a Pumpkin-Spiced Hot Toddy in less than 5 minutes—and for only 98 calories and with just 1 ounce of bourbon.

CHOKLAD MÖRK Dark Chocolate

Price: $0.79 for 3 ½ ounces

We're firm believers that no day is complete without at least a little dessert! If you, too, have a sweet tooth, consider this sustainably sourced dark chocolate bar that promises it's at least 60% cocoa. (ICYMI, here are 4 legit health benefits of dark chocolate.)

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