These Are the 10 Food Trends You're Going to See Everywhere in 2021, According to Whole Foods

Whipped coffee and pancake cereal, you've had your day.

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2020 has brought a lot of twists and turns. Who had items like "toilet paper shortage" and "NBA bubble" on their news prediction list for the year? Luckily, the food trend predictions were slightly more on the mark, with alternative flours, alcohol-free beverages and flexitarian proteins continuing to take over even more shelf space at the supermarket by the month.

So while we have no idea what the universe, weather and viral world will throw at us in 2021, we're beginning to get a peek at what the food world might, thanks to Whole Foods Market's sixth annual trend predictions released today. More than 50 Whole Foods team members ranging from local foragers to global buyers team up to determine what products might grow the most in the 365 ahead. (You can find a sampling of products that fit these categories on Amazon here.)

The Biggest Food Trends in 2021

Food with Benefits

For immune support, gut health or other potential wellness benefits, you'll find more products than ever that are boosted with probiotics, superfoods and functional ingredients such as vitamin C or adaptogens.

Basics with a Twist

Basic pantry staples are, well, not so basic anymore. Instead of pasta, expect to see hearts of palm pasta. And rather than regular sea salt, you might be seasoning things with applewood-smoked salt.

Coffee Beyond the Cup

Sure, we'll still be drinking java, but we'll also be eating it in yogurt, bars, granolas and more. (These 12 coffee-infused recipes will help you get a jumpstart on this food trend!)

Breakfast Gets Bougie

Since more people are forging ahead with that WFH life, they have a few more minutes to sit down to a real morning meal—rather than scarfing down a granola bar on the go or grabbing a coffee drink and calling it "breakfast." Sous vide egg bites, vegan egg substitute scrambles and mid-week pancakes are predicted to be big in 2021.

Baby Food Gets Fancy

It's no longer just jars of canned pea puree or applesauce. You'll soon be able to snag portable, on-the-go squeeze pouches filled with apple-butternut squash with turmeric, apple-pumpkin-blueberry with ground chickpeas and sweet potato with rosemary. (Side note: Can we have some?!)

Chickpeas Go Mainstream

Speaking of chickpeas, these versatile beans are going beyond falafel and hummus. Whole Foods Market pros are deeming them "the new cauliflower," noting that it's being added to cereal, chips, pasta and pizza.

Upcycling Is Here to Stay

Brands are using juice pulp in chips and upcycled grains in snack bars—all in an effort to reduce food waste and lower the amount of energy needed to create food. Think of this like one of the greenest ways to eat—even if the food isn't emerald-colored.

EVOO Has More Competition

We'll always adore olive oil, but stocking up on a variety of oils is a fun way to add a subtle flavor boost. Walnut oil, sunflower seed oil and pumpkin seed oil are now being infused into salad dressings, tortillas, plant-based burgers and more.

'Booch Goes Boozy

As low-ABV drinks continue to boom, these bubbly probiotic drinks are going to be the next spiked seltzer, according to Whole Foods experts.

Beyond-Beef Jerkies

Shelf-stable snacks boomed early in the pandemic, and are never a bad idea to have on-hand, even sans-quarantine. Now jerky won't just be for carnivores—brands are dehydrating jackfruit, mangoes, bananas, mushrooms and more and spicing them nice so they have a texture (and sometimes flavor) similar to their meaty counterparts.

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