These online marketplaces bring the flavor to your doorstep.
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When I lived in New York City I loved going around town hunting down spices and seasonings for different recipes—in fact I could often be found in the legendary provisions store Kalustyan's just inhaling the aroma of spices. It was a sort of culinary aromatherapy that always made me happy. Now I live in Vermont—where there's not quite the selection of spices there is in New York—and there's a pandemic that makes me spend a lot less time in grocery stores; so, like many other people, I have turned to the internet for many of my spice and seasoning needs and desires.

The good news is that there are tons of options for buying spices and seasonings online. I talked to the members of the EatingWell Test Kitchen and other colleagues and came up with this list of some of our favorite online spice and seasonings stores. Here's where we head when we need just the right spice for any recipe.

Burlap & Barrel: EatingWell editor-in-chief Jessie Price loves this online shop, which has the cool feature of letting you search by use (e.g., baking, salads, dips) or flavor profile (e.g., aromatic & complex, bright & fruity, smoky & spicy). "They source only very high quality spices," says Price. "They buy direct from farmers as opposed to wholesaler middle men. They pay fair prices to those farmers to make the business economically viable and to incentivize best farming practices for the environment. But best of all they just have super potent, fragrant spices. They will blow you away when you taste them. I particularly love their urfa, white pepper, cumin seeds and Turkish oregano buds." 

Kalustyan's: While I might not be able to just wander into Kalustyan's today, I can get the next best thing by ordering from them online. I love the wide range of spices they have for different cuisines, including four types of za'atar, gochugaru, Aleppo pepper, Sichuan peppercorns and much more.  Scrolling through the 746 items in the Spices, Herbs & Seasonings section of the site is almost as satisfying as wandering the aisles. 

La Boîte: EatingWell Test Kitchen manager Breana Killeen is a fan of the spice blends created by chef and spice blender Lior Lev Sercraz at this NYC-based shop. "Lior's spices are so fresh, you only need a little to flavor an entire dish," says Killeen. "I particularly love the blends Luberon N.4 with lavender, basil and fennel, and Escabeche N.25 with lemon, saffron, coriander and fennel."

Loisa: EatingWell digital content director Penelope Wall swears by Loisa's adobo and sazón seasoning blends. "My Puerto Rican dad approves too!" she says. 

Penzeys: Penzeys is one of the biggest names in the country when it comes to spices—in addition to numerous retail stores they have an online shop with a huge selection of single spices and seasoning blends. EatingWell lead recipe developer Adam Dolge says he's been ordering from Penzeys for years and has never been disappointed. "I've made a tremendous amount of dip with their Chip & Dip Seasoning over the years," he says. "It's also so good on roasted potatoes!" (I definitely trust Adam when it comes to potatoes—he's the creator of these Melting Potatoes, one of our most popular recipes of all time.) 

Red Stick Spice Co.: I have a lot of family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I always stop by Red Stick Spice Co. when I'm in town. They might not be nationally famous like some of the shops on this list, but I think they should be. I particularly like their Cajun and Creole blends, like the sweet and smoky Creole Cowboy. The Neighborhood Blends are also fun even if you don't have a connection to Louisiana. 

Spice Jungle: This online shop was recommended to us by contributor Vidya Rao. "I've used Spice Jungle and Spice House—they are both great but Spice Jungle to me is nice when you don't know what you want but you want to try new flavors," she says. "You can buy just 1 ounce or up to a pound, and the way the site is organized definitely encourages you to explore." 

The Mala Market: This online shop is a great resource for spices and other ingredients for Sichuan food, including several varieties of Sichuan peppercorns, lantern chiles and more. (Read the EatingWell article about the mother-daughter duo who started the company.)

The Spice House: "This company has most of the basics, but they also have a ton of really delicious blends and even sell some in sets that make really nice gifts," says EatingWell magazine senior food editor Devon O'Brien. "Plus, the packaging is gorgeous. And if you are low on storage space they sell all of their spices and seasonings in flatpacks." 

The Spice & Tea Exchange: "I first discovered the Spice & Tea Exchange in Key West, and quickly became hooked on their fun selection of spices, blends and more," says digital editor Jaime Milan. "I absolutely love their Black Truffle Sea Salt on fries and their Caribbean Heat spice blend is killer in shrimp tacos. They also have some pretty wild things I'd love to try for the holiday season—like pumpkin powder and tropical hot cocoa mix!"

Did we miss one of your favorite online spice shops? Let us know by emailing us at at so we can try it out and expand our list!