5 Fast Fall Dinner Recipes from One Bag of Groceries

When it comes to food, "creamy" is such an enticing word, isn't it? It promises deliciousness and conjures up satisfying comfort food. It also usually conjures up a heap of calories and fat-but not this recipe for Creamy Mustard Chicken developed by the EatingWell Test Kitchen. Without using any heavy cream, this recipe delivers on velvety goodness while being kind to your waistline. In fact, it's even heart-healthy!

In just 35 minutes you can boil angel hair pasta, sauté the chicken and whip up the sauce, which features shallot, a splash of white wine and the eponymous mustard. You finish the sauce with just a bit of sour cream and fresh sage. Nestle the chicken on the pasta and top with warm, rich-tasting sauce-wonderful.

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