Here's how to buy them even if you're not a Costco member!
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A gif of 3 Pyrex® Decorated Storage food containers
Credit: Pyrex

We'll admit it. There's little that's inherently "fun" about food storage. From playing hide and seek with lids over and over (and over) again to the never-ending Jenga game that is our fridge and freezer, the task doesn't exactly spark joy. But what does? Having a full meal-prep menu that's ready to heat and eat so we're never more than minutes away from a well-balanced meal.

Fun new products are also inspiring us to level up how often we meal prep this year (because TBH, it's not every week!). From reusable freezer bags and bento boxes to food flasks and nesting bowls, brands have been innovating to make it easier to cut down on single-use plastics and food waste all at once.

Our latest food storage discovery has us totally starry-eyed, both about the designs and the Costco price: Pyrex's 4-Cup 8-Piece Star Wars Food Storage Set. Additionally, the big-box store is selling Hello Kitty- and Disney-themed Pyrex sets that will make your inner kid smile.

While prices and availability vary by location, you can snag all three sets on Amazon if you're not a Costco member (or just want them delivered to your doorstep in a few days).

Pyrex Decorated Storage: Minnie Mouse, 8-pc Set
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Pyrex 4-cup Decorated 8-pc Set, Star Wars Food Storage
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Hello Kitty 4-pc Glass Storage Set
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The 4-cup size is ideal for recipes like fall soups, family-size portions of pasta and Elaine Benes-sized Big Salads. Whichever set you choose, you'll be meal-prepping in style.