Does the brown bag lunch sandwich count as "dinner"? The TV host has thoughts.
rachael ray
Credit: Getty / John Lamparski / Stringer

Like many daytime TV shows that typically had large studio audiences, the Rachael Ray Show feels a lot different in 2020.

Since April, cookbook author and talk show host extraordinaire Rachael Ray has been inviting us into her home to cook along with her and chat with her incredible crew of friends, including Michelle Obama, Guy Fieri, Kate Hudson, Carla Hall and more. Longtime fans of the EVOO-loving Food Network star have raved about the casual style of the new structure, which often includes far less makeup, more sneak peeks around her abode and home routine and the bonus time to connect with fans since there are often fewer guest-filled segments.

Each Friday (and sometimes more often, if Ray has a few extra minutes within the show schedule), the 30-Minute Meal queen and her husband/now-cameraman and co-host John Cusimano answer fan questions in a segment they call "Q & Ray & J."

This week, viewer Tammy wrote in to ask, "Do you ever have days where you say 'heck with it!' and have a bowl of cereal or maybe a PB&J sandwich?"

This simple question started a fascinating 90-second exchange between the couple, who are not facing quite as much home cooking fatigue as we are (and Ina Garten is, apparently).

"I have to feed him [Cusimano] and my mother and my sister, and we have to make seven meals a week for the show. So no I really don't," Ray says, when considering whether they count the kid-favorite sandwich or cereals as dinner.

In terms of morning meals, "we do eat cereal occasionally, but it's rarely," Ray goes on to explain. When they do, it's blueberry-topped bowls of Grape Nuts "which neither have grapes or nuts," Ray laughs.

Once in a while, they do order takeout from a couple locally owned restaurants near their Lake Luzerne, New York guest home (where they're staying as they recover from an August chimney fire that devastated the couples' main home). It's rare, though, since their cooking line up is long for her shows, just-announed upcoming cookbook, magazine and more.

"We've never made a PB&J sandwich together, as long as I've known you," Cusimano says. But they have had peanut butter on toast or English muffins with different jams and jellies.

"So we have had PB&J, just not in the most traditional sense," Ray adds. "I don't deprive you of a PB&J."

To wrap things up, John concludes, "There's nothing wrong with a PB&J, but I'd just rather have your pasta thankyouverymuch."

To which we add, same, John, same. We'll bring the wine?