Can't Find Canned Pumpkin? Libby's Released an Official Statement: "Keep Calm and Pumpkin On"

The large canned pumpkin retailer is addressing fan worries about squash stock.

libbys canned pumpkin
Photo: Libby's

From toilet paper to yeast and disinfecting wipes, 2020 has had its share of shortages and product sourcing challenges. It's been a wild year, with a pandemic, hurricanes, derechos, wildfires and more sweeping the nation. Seven months since the coronavirus was officially declared a global pandemic, things remain far from normal.

Which makes it understandable that we're all craving some semblance of normalcy in the upcoming holiday season, and little says "cozy" and "comfort" more than the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu items you remember from childhood. So while "gatherings" will probably include some virtual family meals or snail mail gift exchanges, the classic holiday recipes are safe, right?

Not so fast, some fear, as they're noticing empty shelves already in one VIP—very important part—of the baking aisle: canned pumpkin. (Which, ICYMI, isn't often actually pumpkin at all. But that's besides the point.)

After facing many fan and media inquiries asking "where has all the pumpkin gone?," Libby's took to their Instagram to make an official statement.

"Many folks have asked about pumpkin availability lately. We're excited to report that this season's pumpkin will be on shelves starting in Mid-October — a little later than we wanted but in plenty of time for the holidays! Due to weather conditions, our harvest was slightly delayed this year. Timing is jet when picking pumpkins to ensure maximum flavor. You can't rush Mother Nature! This will not affect the overall availability or quality of Libby's pumpkin throughout the season."

This inspired a flurry of fan comments, including, "I wasn't worried but grandma and great grandma have been! Thanks for the update," and "Just caught up to this! I was holding on to 'that last can' in my pantry. Phew what a relief 😅!!!🧡🧡🎃 Thank you!"

They went on to suggest that fans use their "Where to Buy" tool to see where Libby's is sold, then call store managers about current supplies before heading out if that's a must-have item on your shopping list.

The caption Libby's shared for their set-the-record-straight post summarizes it perfectly as we approach fall baking season: "Keep calm and pumpkin on! 🧡"

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