These Glow-in-the-Dark Succulents Cost Just $6 at Aldi

They are perfect for Halloween!


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I’m a crazy plant person. I cannot go into nurseries or garden centers unsupervised, or else there’s a 100% chance that I’m going to come home with a new green baby. And now that I’m spending more time at home, my plant addiction has gotten even worse (or maybe better? I really don’t know). I’ve brought home a fiddle leaf fig tree, plenty of easy-care houseplants and some cute planters. But now I have my eyes set on a fun and new-to-me plant: this glow-in-the-dark succulent from Aldi. (Yes, GLOW IN THE DARK!)

This adorable succulent costs just $5.99 and hits store shelves on October 21. Could the timing be any more perfect for Halloween? I think not. The plant is called a “Glowing Star in the Dark” succulent, and it emits a glowing green light once you put it in a dark room. According to Growers Direct, the plant absorbs light (either from the sun or a lamp) and glows at night. A spokesperson from Aldi said, "The plants are painted with eco-friendly glow paint, specially designed to be applied to plants. It has a flexible texture that allows the plant to grow and glow."

Whether you’re looking for not-so-scary Halloween decorations or a fun alternative to a night light in your kid’s room, this succulent is absolutely perfect. Plus, it’s a fun plant to add to your collection and requires virtually no care (succulents thrive when you let them get some light and dry out completely between waterings).

There’s just one caveat: these little glowing succulents are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a limited amount of time (read: scoop yours up quickly, because they might not replace them once they’re out of stock!).

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