These 12 Fall Finds at Aldi Will Help You Feel Extra Festive This Month

Just wait 'til you see the adorable pumpkin pizzas!

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What do we love about Aldi? Pretty much all of it—especially come fall, when the brand releases all sorts of warmly spiced, deliciously-scented and beautifully festive products. There are dozens of Aldi staples we swear by, but our ears always perk up when the brand announces their limited time-only "Aldi Finds" for the month. To help you shop smartly all October long, we've rounded up some of the best, tastiest and spookiest of the bunch.

12 New Items Coming to Aldi in October

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Halloween Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza

Featuring a butternut squash and mascarpone cheese sauce, plus mozzarella cheese "eyes," these adorable single-serving pizzas go for $3.99 each and hit stores on October 7. The calories and sodium are pretty high for one meal, but they're an adorably tasty Halloween treat. Craving a better-balanced option? Snag a cauliflower or whole-wheat crust at Aldi or your favorite supermarket and top with our Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce and your favorite cheeses and veggies.

Specially Selected Pumpkin Pasta Sauces

Or for an even easier sauce swap to use on your healthy pizza crust, invest in one of these $2.49 jars. Choose from Pumpkin and Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Chipotle. These sauces will hit Aldi shelves on October 14.

Benton's Chocolate Haunted House Cookie Kit

If you're not in the mood to deck your halls for Halloween, you might just be when you can do so in dessert form. This $7.89 kit is like a fall-themed twist on a gingerbread house and will be in stores starting October 7.

Reggano Halloween-Shaped Pasta

With ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and more in the mix, this month for just $1.99 per bag, you can upgrade any pasta recipe with fun and festive noodles. Look for them on store shelves starting October 14.

10-Inch Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If Costco's full-size fiddle leaf fig trees were too towering for your space—or if you didn't find any near you or aren't a Costco member—then you no longer need to be green with envy about not owning one. For $12.99, you can score a 10-inch version at Aldi this month (they hit Aldi stores on October 14—check out the full deets here).

Barissimo Halloween Coffee

Brew up a cup of Raven's Roast or Sleepy Hollow Blend to add just a splash of spook to your next coffee break. Each bag of single-origin beans is $3.99. Both of these will be in stores starting on October 14.

Glowing Succulent

"Haunt" your dining table, office, or window with a $5.99 succulent plant (one of the easiest varieties of houseplants to care for!) that glows in the dark. You can find these on store shelves starting October 21.

Specially Selected Antipasti Platter

Snack night, done right! There are so many appetizer platter goodies tucked inside this $5.99 platter—including olives, stuffed peppers, crackers and more—that you could make it a meal. We plan to snag a few for fire pit gatherings with pals so each attendee can stay safely spaced and reach the snacks all at once. These festive trays hit Aldi stores on October 21.

Park Street Deli Everything Bagel Dip

Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Most likely inspired by the Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Dip, this $3.29 tub sounds like it makes for a tasty sandwich spread, crudités dip or bagel topping. Look for it on October 21.

Clancy's Flavored Chips

Sturdy enough to stand up to that thick dip, this snack line now includes some very unique flavors. Cocktail chips, anyone? New this month: Moscow Mule Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips ($1.89), Bloody Mary Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips ($1.89), 7-Layer Dip Lattice Cut Cut Kettle Chips ($2.29) and Tailgate Taquitos Lattice Cut Kettle Chips ($2.29). All four varieties will hit store shelves starting October 21.

Specially Selected Wine Pairing Chocolates

If you feel a bit intimidated by pairing wine with food, study up on our top 17 fall wine pairing ideas. Then treat yourself while easing into the idea with this $4.99 pack of treats that's designed to enjoy alongside a variety of white wines. Pick up the kit on October 21 (just in time for a *ghoul's* night in!).

L'oven Fresh Wellness Bread

On the heels of L'oven's crazy-popular zero net carb bread, the brand is now offering $2.99 loaves of bread made with chickpeas and lentils for extra fiber and protein. Stock up starting on October 28.

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