The Best Self-Care Item at Trader Joe's Is Under $2

Treat yourself with this DIY spa treatment that costs less than a latte.

Trader Joe's Storefront

2020 has taught us many lessons, including that face masks can be fashionable, Ina Garten has her cocktail priorities in order and self-care is vital to stay sane (or as sane as possible) when the world seems totally out of control.

We've also fallen more in love than ever with all things Trader Joe's, as they seem to have prioritized the health and safety of their crew members and shoppers—and have added a whole slew of creative new products ranging from stuffing-flavored seasoning to copycat Starbucks sous vide egg bites.

And now, the TJ's team is fusing the concept of new products and self care into one $1.99 package, according to a Pasadena, California store shelf sneak peek from @traderjoesaficionado.

This $1.99 Trader Joe's Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask is the perfect mask to don after rocking your cloth or disposable one all day. Since it's loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients like honey, green tea extract and turmeric extract, it will moisturize and brighten any dull or tired spots. The cucumber scent might help you feel a bit like you're at a spa, too. @traderjoesaficionado tried it and loves how it feels straight from the fridge for a cool, hydrating boost and ranks it on par with Sephora sheet masks that often run at least $6 each.

So for one of the most affordable and quick ways to sneak in some self-care, we plan to add a few to our next Trader Joe's shopping list. Then all that's left to do is slide on some slippers, wrap up in a plush robe, close our eyes and channel our inner Deepak Chopra.

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