Ina Garten Has Very Strong Feelings About What Should Go in the Dishwasher

The Food Network star has an interesting philosophy!

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We seem to become bigger and bigger fans of Ina Garten by the week—especially during 2020. From her supersized quarantine cosmos to her so-simple breakfasts to her new cookbook sneak peeks ( drops tomorrow!), the culinary pro is giving us major inspiration through her day-brightening content.

And she seems to be getting more relatable by the week too. Once renowned for her over-the-top dinner parties with Jeffrey and her insistence on using "good" olive oil, Garten's latest Instagram post hints to the fact that she's chiller and more down to earth than ever.

Garten asks in the caption, "If you're not sick of unloading the dishwasher, could you please come unload mine?" (By the way, Julianna Marguiles even popped in to agree: "So sick of it!💕" )

Been there, felt that. But the most relatable content appears in the comment section, where Garten is often known to kindly chime in and reply to fan questions.

When several people criticized the fact that she put knives in the dishwasher, Garten responded in a way that made our lazy clean-up hearts so happy: "EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher!! My assistant used to put the bird cage in the dishwasher (she took the bird out first)," Garten said.

Another asked why she ran the dishwasher "way too empty," Garten answered, "I've been known to run the dishwasher, then put more dishes in with the clean ones and run it again."

As far as the emptying duties go, one commenter suggested, "That's what Jeffrey is for. No?!! 😉" To which Ina responded, "If only!! I'd never find anything ever again."

Gentle ribbing, battling over the chores, experiencing a bit of pandemic cooking fatigue...there you have it, celebs—even Ina and Jeffrey—are just like us sometimes.

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