Save your skillet with these quick and easy tips.
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ayesha curry
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Ayesha Curry has had a big 2020. In addition to expanding her product line, launching her own magazine Sweet July, spending time with her NBA star husband Stephen and three kids, contributing to her charity Eat.Learn.Play and losing 35 pounds (without deprivation), the celeb put the finishing touches on her most recent cookbook. And to celebrate the release of the book, A Full Plate ($18,, which officially launched on September 22, Ayesha sat down with her husband Stephen to field fan questions during a half-hour Instagram Live video broadcast.

To kick things off, she explained the meaning behind the title of the book which is packed with 100 recipes that all take less than an hour.

"There's a whole lot going on...Dinnertime is so important for togetherness and connecting. That's something I never want to give up, no matter how busy I get. This book is a representation of that. It's filled with quick, easy recipes that don't lack flavor," Ayesha says.

Then she moved on to discuss the three ingredients she can't live without (garlic, onions, brown sugar), her most influential cuisine inspirations (Jamaica and India) and the ultimate kitchen essentials she believes every home cook needs (a cast-iron skillet, a stock pot, a Dutch oven, a fish spatula and a chef's knife).

She also dished about her top cast-iron TLC tips since that's one of her major culinary MVPs.

  1. Do not use a scouring pad, as "that will wear away at the quality of the skillet," she says.
  2. Soak in warm water and lemon juice if anything sticks on, "but it really should clean right out with a regular dish sponge," Ayesha adds.
  3. Hand wash then dry immediately.
  4. Rub a small amount of olive oil (or any oil) over the clean and dry surface.
  5. Place the oiled skillet in the "off" oven. "That way, the next time I'm preheating my oven, it seals in everything," she explains. "Then I open the oven...and it's ready to go for the next time."
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If you're new at all things cast iron, you can score more care pointers in our complete guide for how to season and clean a cast-iron skillet. It sounds like it will come in handy as you cook along with A Full Plate!