Find out which snack is a touchdown for your sign.
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game day zodiac foods

You can't have a game-day viewing party or tailgate without tasty drinks and snacks to help you cheer on your favorite team! Yet, eating Buffalo chicken wings, deep-fried mozzarella sticks and nachos every weekend can take a toll on your waistline and health. So why not try a couple of new snacks from our playbook? They taste just as delicious, but have less calories, sugar and fat, as well are more nutrition per bite, to make your viewing party even better.

And to take it up a notch, why not go for a snack that might be fitting for your zodiac sign? Here's the perfect personalized food to grab, courtesy of Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of the book Magickal Astrology.

The Best Game-Day Snack for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Stuffed or Hot Peppers

Blistered Peppers with Lime

Alexander says, "Aries people like it hot, so your preferred snacks will be plenty spicy. Hot peppers, such as jalapeños or habaneros, stuffed with lamb (Aries' symbol is the ram) are a hot and healthy choice for you." Spicy guacamole and salsa with corn chips may be another favorite for you heat-loving folks, and it's an easy last-minute game-day snack.

Taurus: Beef Sliders


Because Taurus' symbol is the bull, beef snacks are best for game-day viewing. "Try sliced roast beef on Melba toast rounds, dotted with horseradish and sprinkled with fresh-snipped parsley or cilantro," she says. If possible, get grass-fed, free-range beef. Organic beef jerky is a good on-the-go option too, or you can go with these fun pizza sliders that are portion-sized and easy to eat in a bite or two.

Gemini: Walnuts or Pecans

roasted nuts

Gemini's planetary ruler, Mercury, also rules the brain. Nuts are "brain food" and can actually boost memory and cognitive performance. "Walnuts and pecans are your best bets—they even look like the lobes of the brain," says Alexander. The sweet and salty flavors in these roasted nuts are perfect for the two sides of your personality, Gemini.

Cancer: Chile con Queso


"Dairy products fall into Cancer's domain, so cheese snacks are a natural for you—Cheddar, Brie, whatever type you like best," she says. Choose organic, grass-fed varieties and avoid processed cheese, since that's not great for your heart or health. Pair with crackers or veggie sticks to make your chile con queso dip snacking healthier.

Leo: Chicken Wings

chicken wings

Wings are a classic, so enjoy them during a game, like these chicken wings glazed with Cajun sauce. "Even in cold weather, barbecued chicken wings remind us of summertime picnics and backyard grilling. You folks born during the height of summer can enjoy these spicy-sweet snacks hot or cold," she says.

Virgo: Granola-Based Snacks

Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

"Virgo is often connected with the grain goddess—your symbol shows a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat. So, snacks made with organic, whole grains are good choices for you, especially when combined with nuts and dried fruit," she says. We love making these healthier oatmeal-raisin cookies for a sweet treat.

Libra: Strawberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate

decorating chocolate covered strawberries

"Your planetary ruler, Venus, also rules strawberries and chocolate. High in antioxidants, strawberries are a favorite food of the love goddess, Venus—the fruit even looks like a heart," Alexander says. Dark chocolate is another great source of antioxidants, so this chocolate-dipped strawberry recipe is not only delicious, but also may help lower your risk of heart disease. And it's a good dessert if you're watching a game and get a sweets craving.

Scorpio: Stuffed Mushrooms

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

Astrologers link fungi with Scorpio, so stuffed mushrooms are the perfect tasty treat. You can also add your favorite cheese (mold cheeses are Scorpio-ruled too), she suggests, such as the Parmesan used in this recipe. Want marinated instead? Try using olive oil and fresh basil to keep it light and refreshing, and to get those heart-healthy fats in too.

Sagittarius: Mediterranean Spread

hummus in bowl with herbs

Alexander says, "Sagittarius is the sign of long-distance travel, and many of you love to travel. Experiment with snacks from a country other than your own, for example, Greek stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita or hummus." Plus, this is great for finger-food noshing to make it easy to watch the game, chat and snack all at once.

Capricorn: Goat Cheese Guacamole

goat cheese and chive guacamole

Because Capricorn's symbol is the goat, snacks made with goat cheese should please your palate, such as goat cheese bruschetta on toast. "Grilled cabrita (goat) skewers are another good choice for you," she says.

Aquarius: Fruit Kebabs

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Aquarians are known for their zesty personalities, so tangy citrus fruits and fruit salads or kebabs make good snacks for them. Alexander says, "Because you love variety, choose fruits in a mélange of colors, textures and shapes. Mix it up, instead of using the same combinations all the time—the more exotic the better."

Pisces: Salmon Crab Cakes

Salmon & Crab Cakes

Pisces is the sign of the fish, so what could be a more appropriate snack than salmon crab cakes that have two seafood favorites in one dish? "Salmon, tuna and shrimp are favorites for many water-sign people, but if you're feeling adventurous try eel, squid, octopus or sea urchin," she says, which means you can also go with sushi to nibble during the game.