You might even want to buy a calendar to count down to the countdown.
lidl storefront
Credit: Lidl

In normal years, preparing for the holidays in September feels like overkill. But pretty much all of us are ready for 2020 to end, so the holidays can't come fast enough. Several brands have released a variety of fun Advent calendars, which are already available for purchase, like the Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar and the Bonne Maman jam Advent calendar.

Now, LIDL is adding to the list with a series of food- and drink-related calendars that are currently available in stores.

First up, there's the 24 Days of Hot Sauce calendar, which is perfect for spice lovers —especially those who enjoy trying hot sauces from around the world. The calendar comes with 12 varieties of hot sauce, made with different types of peppers and flavors. There's Mango Mild Hot Sauce, Wasabi Hot Sauce, Cajun Hot Sauce and, a fan favorite, Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. No one will blame you if you break into this right away so you can add a fiery kick to all that mac and cheese you're eating. At $14.99, it's an affordable way to start celebrating.

If you prefer to sip as you countdown to the holidays, LIDL also has a 12 Biers of Christmas calendar, which comes with 12, 16-ounce cans of German beer. Styles include bock, weizen, smoked beer, märzen and more. The cans come packed in a gift box with a handle that makes it easy to carry. This calendar retails for $39.99. Stock up on these and give them to the beer lovers in your life, buy one for yourself and celebrate together even if you're apart.

You know what they say, "A chocolate a day keeps the blues away." Well, no one actually says that, though they should, considering that chocolate is known to have mood-boosting properties. For that reason alone, the Favorina Chocolate Advent Calendar is a great pick for observing the holidays. This sweet advent calendar retails for $4.99 and comes with an assortment of creme-filled Alpine chocolate inspired by traditional European recipes.

Lastly, LIDL's Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar serves up 24 days of cheese, including red Leicester, Jarlesberg, Cheddar and more and retails for $14.99. While it seems a little early to buy a cheese that you'll eat in the lead up to the holidays, we'd suggest buying one now for the countdown to the countdown, then buying another for the official holiday countdown. After all, you can never have enough cheese!