The BakerMama does it again with a delicious spread that's perfect for all your sports-viewing needs.
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football shaped snack board
Credit: The BakerMama

Football is back, folks! For some, that is plenty to get you excited for the season. For others, it doesn’t do quite as much. But the snacks associated with tailgating and sports viewing are something we can all get behind. Leave it to The BakerMama (follow her on Instagram at @thebakermama, you can thank us later) to make an aesthetically pleasing board we want to have at every football game we watch… ever. 

This beautiful board will help you make the healthy choice the easy (and tasty) one for everyone huddled around your TV this week and weekend. She uses healthy fats like almonds and grains like crackers and pretzels to create the football. The perimeter of the board is loaded with beautiful green fruits and veggies, including grapes, cucumbers, asparagus and more. As if our mouths weren’t already watering, she includes two delicious and healthy dips for a flavor boost. Make your own from scratch with our Green Goddess Dip and Classic Basil Pesto recipes. 

Win or lose, this board is sure to be a hit at your next football-themed gathering, even if it’s just you and the fam at home. For additional snack board inspiration and more, get your hands on a copy of her book Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion (buy it: from $17.94,

This year, anything can count as a special occasion. Make a fun snack board to make the next big game feel extra special.