John Legend Made Chrissy Teigen a Sandwich with Buttered Bread for the Sweetest Reason

And we're never going to make our sandwiches the same way again.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is about halfway through her pregnancy, but had to stay in the hospital this weekend due to some unforeseen complications. She told followers in her Instagram story that she's been on bedrest at home for the last few weeks because she's been bleeding regularly and decided to head to the hospital after she took a turn for the worse. "It was at the point today where I never stopped bleeding, and that's obviously really bad," Teigen said in her stories. She asked her audience not to worry, and that she has an amazing health team taking care of her. "I don't do this so people will worry or freak out," she said.

Teigen said she feels great, but she's taking precautions to rest and make sure her baby is healthy. "It's so weird. I feel really good. I'm usually at my happiest pregnant, mood-wise...that's why it's so hard for me to come to terms with." She went on to say that she's likely bleeding because her placenta is weak, and that her baby is basically "the strongest, coolest dude living in the sh**tiest house." To help comfort Teigen, her husband John Legend brought one of her favorite foods to the hospital.

Teigen said that Legend was going to do a "bedside sandwich tutorial" on her "new nightstand" (a hospital table). Legend had packed all of the sandwich ingredients in zip-top bags—including two slices of pre-buttered bread.

Teigen asked Legend why the butter on sandwiches was so important to her, and he said, "I really don't know, I didn't grow up having butter on my sandwiches. But ever since I started doing them for you, I feel like that's the only way to do it now."

"There's something about butter and ham together that is just so delicious," Teigen said. "It does like this salty, binding thing to the bread." She added that you should always use salted butter for maximum flavor.

Legend then layered the buttered bread (butter-side in) and added a little bit of mayo and Dijon mustard. Then he added a layer of Lay's potato chips. He said, "Lay's are perfect because they lay perfectly." Chrissy added, "I do like Lay's. Kettle chips cut my mouth too much."

Then, Legend started adding some ham, which he made sure to microwave ahead of time. "We heated it up first because technically mommies aren't supposed to have cold cuts," he said. Teigen added, "Which is so weird because I'm obsessed with cold cuts more than anything when I'm pregnant. But if you microwave them, you can actually kill the Listeria." (Learn more about foods that are safe and foods to skip during pregnancy.)

After the layer of ham, Legend said he likes to add a slice of cheese. He said, "One of my sandwich-making rules for cold cuts is that the cheese should not touch the bread, so I like to put it in between things." He alternated two slices each of ham and cheese before adding some romaine lettuce on top for crunch. We hope that the sandwich provides Teigen some comfort and we're pulling for her and her strong baby boy.

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