Cheers to making it this far during the craziness of 2020, right?!
costco mini champagne bottles
Credit: Instagram / @costcosisters

2020 has been a year like no other. Pandemics, social justice movements, wildfires, hurricanes, election controversies and more, it's been one majorly unpredictable year. It's also been a year with a lot fewer in-person celebrations, with many weddings and big bashes cancelled, postponed or restructured to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. (ICYMI, here are 7 tips to host a safer gathering during the pandemic.)

More Americans are drinking more cocktails, beer and regular wine at home, but far less Champagne, according to our pals at Food & Wine. Be it because of the shorter shelf life (bubbly can go flat if not stored properly) or the feeling that there's not a whole lot to celebrate, sales are down about $2 billion year over year.

But as eternal optimists, we're all about looking for cheers-worthy moments to be grateful for. A Friday capping off another week well-worked? A happy hour over Zoom with a BFF? A Netflix night in after a hard day of work? Let's get it poppin'!

And now it's much easier—and affordable—to do in a reasonable portion size.

Spotted by Instagram user @costcosisters, these are no cheap mimosa-quality sparklers. In fact, the stone fruit and brioche notes will likely convince you to officially change your definition of a "six pack."

Each $59.99 pack comes with six, 187-milliliter bottles (each is about ¼ of a standard wine bottle) of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut. Considering a 750-milliliter bottle of the same Champagne goes for $39.99, it's a pretty reasonable deal, plus it means that you can drink the whole bottle and add only about 140 calories to your daily tally.

The best part? The box that the Champagne comes in turns into a cooler for icing down your bottles (just add ice). The kit also comes with little flutes that attach to the mouth of your mini bottles for easy sipping. Basically, all of the work is done for you!

We'll be stocking up on one or two for the occasions listed above, and maybe one last al fresco picnic with pals before the fall weather gets too crisp. (Psst...these would also make fun stocking stuffers if you're the type to plan ahead!)

No Costco nearby? You can also get your mini Moet & Chandon fix by the bottle on for $16.97 each.