Trader Joe's Is Releasing "Everything But The Leftovers" Seasoning, Just in Time for Fall Cooking

Here's how to use this stuffing-flavored spice blend.

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What do we love about the spice section of the baking aisle at Trader Joe's? Well, everything! Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, of course, plus Everything But The Elote Seasoning Blend, Mushroom & Company Umami Seasoning Blend, 21 Seasoning Salute…TJ's spice game is so strong that we've come used to discovering at least one new spice or blend every trip.

As a follow up to episode 28 that focused on what happens inside Trader Joe's tasting panel rooms, the latest episode (#29) of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast introduced some new or coming-soon products that received the thumbs up from the panel and will be available to add to your next Trader Joe's shopping list this month.

Co-hosts Tara Miller, marketing director, and Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, revealed a slew of new pumpkin products, limited-edition murasaki potato chips, responsibly sourced coffee and one new, sure-to-be-wildly-popular spice aisle addition: Everything But The Leftovers seasoning.

"This is like magic powder to make everything taste like Thanksgiving leftovers," Sloan said. "To me it tastes like the archetypal flavor of stuffing."

Sloan added that this might be helpful on the Thanksgiving table because "sometimes family or friends bring over a dish and it's like, you know, that needs a little help." (Their friends should've looked at our tasty holiday menu recipes for some help in that department, but we digress.) We plan to snag a bottle or two for these everyday uses throughout fall and winter.

7 Ways to Use Trader Joe's "Everything But The Leftovers" Seasoning Blend

  1. On popcorn. Homemade Microwave Popcorn with a savory, stuffing-flavored boost? Count us in.
  2. In turkey meatballs, burgers or meatloaf. Mix up complex-tasting Turkey Meatballs with Linguine & Fresh Tomato Sauce, or Caprese Turkey Burgers with the help of one single jar: Everything But The Leftovers.
  3. On roast turkey or chicken. For a dry rub on chicken or turkey that will help the meat taste similar to a favorite Thanksgiving side dish, dust on some EBTL.
  4. In mashed potatoes, on baked potatoes or sprinkled on hashbrowns. At dinner, try a dash of this spice blend in classic mashed potatoes or on a baked potato. Come breakfast, upgrade your morning Potato Hash with Sausage & Fried Egg with a bit of extra spice.
  5. On roasted veggies. If carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and peppers feel a bit plain, coat 'em in olive oil and this seasoning mix and roast them in the oven until they're crispy.
  6. For stuffing muffins or casserole. —think of these options like a side dish with stuffing flavor to the second power!
  7. On deviled eggs. You're probably more familiar with a pinch of paprika, but we're wild about the idea of substituting this leftover-inspired blend on our Classic Deviled Eggs.
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