*Paging all paper straw haters*
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I try to do my part to help the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. And I’m all for saving the sea turtles and dolphins by eliminating harmful plastics in our oceans. But one thing I just can’t get on board with the paper straw trend. They taste terrible and basically disintegrate into my iced coffee within a few minutes of using them. And who wants to suck on what feels like soggy papier-mâché? 

I’ve tried reusable metal straws (like this set, $4 on Amazon), and while they definitely stand up to liquids way better than paper straws, they leave a little bit of a metallic taste in my mouth (I know, y’all, I’m very picky). But I finally found a reusable straw that checks all of my boxes: It’s portable, easy to clean and comes in lots of fun colors. Enter: The BiggieStraw from Final ($15, Amazon). 

The BiggieStraw isn’t named for the famous rapper, but rather its size. This flexible straw has a much wider opening than its metal, glass and bamboo counterparts and is meant to be used for drinking bubble tea or thick liquids like smoothies and milkshakes. 

BiggieStraw Extra Wide Reusable Straw
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But what I love most about The BiggieStraw is its cute little carrying case (which also comes with a handy cleaning tool). The straw folds up into the case, and the case can then be clipped onto your keychain or purse strap for easy access. (Read: You’ll never forget your reusable straw again!)

If you want to snag a BiggieStraw for yourself, they come in five fun colors: Blowhole Blue, Cyan-ara Plastic (teal), EELectric Pink, Pirate’s Booty Black and Porpoise-Ful Purple. Holiday stocking stuffers, anyone? (Buy them: Amazon, $15 each)

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