"Always" enjoy with half of a grilled cheese sandwich, just like Garten.

As schools coast to coast ease back into session, Ina Garten once again can guides us toward fall with her "perfect late-summer lunch when it's a little chilly outside and the corn is still delicious." It's from 1999's The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and is, according to Garten, "easy to make and so satisfying!"

The beginner-friendly Cheddar Corn Chowder recipe can be found on her website, and has made its way onto our Labor Day weekend menus. (BTW, it's remarkably similar to this Corn Chowder with Bacon we developed and love!)

ina garten

Any recipe that starts with cooking 8 ounces of bacon, as this one does, can't be bad. After removing the crispy bacon from the pan, Garten suggests cooking the onions in the bacon fat. Then it's time to make a paste to thicken the chowder with flour, anti-inflammatory turmeric, salt and pepper. Chicken stock, potatoes and the star of the show—10 cups of blanched fresh corn kernels—join the party. Half-and-half and Cheddar cheese are the final two components, then all that's left to do is simmer and serve with that crispy bacon crumbled on top. (We're practically drooling.)

We have plans to make this cozy recipe subbing plain plant-based milk for the half-and-half. But we'll be eating it the Garten way, since Garten says we should "always" eat this soup with half of a grilled cheese sandwich.