As if you needed an excuse to make another Aldi run.
Aldi storefront
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Does anyone else get entranced by the greeting card aisle at the supermarket? Just me? There's something about the hunt to find the *perfect* sentiment for the occasion, plus I have a weekly habit to send at least three notes to coworkers, family or friends as a tiny way to say "thinking of you," "miss you" (which has been more common than ever this year!) or "happy birthday/anniversary/new baby/new home!" It's a great way to stay a bit more connected when we're far apart and acts as a gratitude journal, of sorts, to reflect more about how and why I treasure that relationship.

While I tend to stock up on most of my cards from local boutiques and designers, I can't help but round out my stock if I can find fitting cards while also filling up my fridge. Multitasking for the win!

So my snail mail-loving heart grew a few more sizes when @aldifavoritefinds clued me into the fact that I should definitely make an Aldi run soon. They've added a whole host of adorable, 99-cent food-related cards to their stock:

With donuts, sprinkles and beyond, they're festive, colorful and fitting to send to recipients of all ages. And at 99 cents each, you can bet I'm going to add at least a few to my next Aldi shopping list!

ICYMI, the USPS lost somewhere around $78 billion between 2007 through 2019 since Americans are sending less mail while overall costs to operate jumped. The financial challenges escalated even more during the coronavirus pandemic, when first-class mail rates dipped dangerously low, reports the Wall Street Journal. While congress is discussing the best way to support this vital service (here's more about the many purposes and benefits of having a solid mail system!) and a big infusion of money is needed, it certainly can't hurt for all of us to score more stamps and use this service that will play a crucial role in the 2020 election and beyond.