Each chip is tastes like the best of the state fair in one bite.
aldi fried pickle chips
Credit: Aldi

Nearly every state fair has been understandably cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and limited gathering sizes. If you're missing the grandstand rides and crowds of people, we (unfortunately) can't do much to help there. But on the food front, Aldi has you covered.

If you look forward to indulging in all the fried fare each summer, you'll definitely want to add this new item to your Aldi shopping list ASAP: Clancy's Fried Pickle Ranch Wavy Potato Chips.

Similar to the here-today, gone-tomorrow Lay's Fried Pickles With Ranch chips that were part of Lay's limited-edition "Taste of America" flavor series, Clancy's version should be available at your local Aldi starting around September 2—and for just $1.69 per nine-serving bag. (We were wild about the brand's Dill Pickle Popcorn, so we can't wait to try these!)

So what's the deal with the ranch? Many vendors pair their fried pickle chips with a cup of ranch dressing for dunking, just like you might dip chicken wings in blue cheese dressing. Basically, briny pickles and creamy ranch are a flavor dream dream.

These fried pickle chips from Aldi are wavy and look super sturdy (read: ideal for scooping up even sturdy dips like hummus...or OMG hummus-pickle dressing) and also come in Loaded Bacon and Cheddar if pickle-flavored products aren't your top pick.

And if you're more on Team Caramel Corn or Team Corn Dog, the EatingWell test kitchen aces can help with this complete guide to DIY fair food faves. Grab these snacks and add some live music—maybe by way of this livestream concert to benefit José Andrés' charity?—and you'll practically feel like you're back at the midway.