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Aldi Geometric Terrarium
Credit: Aldi

I am a bonafide plant lady, or at least I want to be. While my garden struggles often prevent me from growing a plant from seed, I seem to fare better when I can just buy an already-thriving plant (like this snake plant that cleans the air). And now, I have my eye on a new plant—succulents in cool geometric terrariums from Aldi.

Thanks to Aldi Instagram fan account @aldifavoritefinds, I discovered these adorable terrariums. These triangular-shaped containers come filled with a variety of succulents, pebbles and greenery (and yes, they are real!). Based on the Instagram post, it seems like there are at least four different variations of plants to choose from.

Each terrarium costs $13 and will be available starting on Wednesday, August 26. However, according to Aldi's website, not all stores will carry the terrariums. If your store doesn't carry them, I found a similar terrarium that you could buy online instead, although you'll have to buy the plants separately (buy it: Amazon, $16). 

These geometric terrariums would easily brighten up any desk or windowsill. Not only are they trendy, but succulents are low-maintenance in terms of care, making it the perfect addition to any household. I can't wait to add one to my collection!